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The ‘Morally Outrageous And Intellectually Absurd’ DOMA Ruling, As Told By Maggie Gallagher

What’s it say when NOM’s Maggie Gallagher thinks Obama’s Department of Justice threw its DOMA case in Massachusetts?

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While the White House faces tough gay critics (including this website) over its handling of DOMA — namely, that it’s defending the law in court — Gallagher says “it’s a real outrage of justice” DoJ put up a fake fight, effectively letting Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley win.

Obama can’t please the gays or the folks who hate them. That probably means he’s doing something right.


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    You see what we Gays did to poor Maggot now? She got soooo mad she done went ona eating binge…….Are ya happy now?????

  • Ogre Magi

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: LOL, as if she didn’t look enough like a pig to begin with!

  • Republican

    Morally outrageous? Fine, think whatever you want Mrs. “I had a child out of wedlock” Gallagher.

    But intellectually absurd? Hardly. Just because the two cases are based on a theory of constitutional interpretation that you don’t subscribe to doesn’t make them intellectually absurd. In fact, one could certainly argue that both the 10th Amendment and the equal protection holdings are well within the legal mainstream given the fact that we have a Court that is (thanks to Justice Kennedy) in favor of both local control and equal protection.

  • Bareback Cuntessa

    @REPUBLICAN: Actually, it’s not “Mrs. Gallagher”.

    This stain on humanity is actually “Mrs. Raman Srivastav”.

    This Catholic ho-bag, who indeed has a bastard child whose father she wouldn’t (couldn’t?) marry, is married to (apparently) a NON-CATHOLIC. The name is ethnically Hindu.

    How the hell does the Catholic Church accept this FORNICATING, HINDU-MARRYING WHORE as a spokespig?! Are they THAT busy molesting alterboys and schoolgirls in plaid jumpers?!?

  • ewe

    She is more and more rediculous with each passing day.

  • stephen


  • stephen

    ^ crap the picture didn’t work but u get the point.

  • ron

    Ugh! I can smell that pile of shit from HERE!

  • Michael

    She is the biggest lesbian in a closet. Also, why is it such vocal homophobes, besides being such closet cases, are always so physically repulsive? These people look like they just stepped out of the barn after taking the horse on a 3rd date (and, yes, the horse still had enough self-respect to say ‘no’).

  • Pip

    haha she is the scum of the earth

  • dvd

    The hypocrisy of these tools will show the day voters do in fact vote in favor of gay marriage. The results were close in CA and Maine, and throughout the country we move closer to that each passing year.

    And when that does happen, they will suddenly find a new reason to discriminate, and the “let the voters decide” act will fall by the wayside. They are liars. Mean people suck.

  • Desdemona

    why does this vile bitch care so much about gays marrying gays?
    the union between a loving man/man or loving woman/woman IS just as important and sacred as the man/woman. She is well aware of how much of a disgrace straight people have brought upon the institution of marriage, so get over it. These ‘pretend weddings’ will soon be fabulously REAL.
    She’s such a self-righteous bitch.

  • Steve

    Funny how the right wing nuts always seem to accuse their opponents of exactly the thing that they themselves are doing.

    If anyone is, ‘Morally Outrageous And Intellectually Absurd’, it is Maggie Gallagher.

  • Peter

    Why isn’t anyone commenting on her new hairstyle?

    Maggie may be a graduate of Yale, but she evidently did not learn about the three CO-EQUAL branches of government. She is wrong that “one judge in Massachusetts says the HE has the right to overturn an act of Congress…” Maggie, it is the US CONSTITUTION that says that a Federal Court anywhere in America may do this. Of course, it may then continue in the court system on appeal, and maybe even to the US Supreme Court.

    And Maggie, your so-called activist judge that you denounce was appointed by conservative President Richard Watergate Nixon.

  • Drake

    Maggie’s political-hackism simply appeals to small-minded prejudices of her audience. She does not care whether she is legally right or not, she simply spouts her hate speech.
    Since she has no qualms regarding merging church and state, rather than separation of church and state in a religiously plural society, let’s impose a burqua on her so that we do not have to look at her anymore.
    Also, why have we never seen tender scenes of her and her hubby holding hands, smooching, acting “married” ??????? What’s the real story about HER marriage?

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