The Naked Truth: The World’s 10 Best Nude Beaches

Last week, we could almost smell the ocean salt and bronzer when we brought you GayCities’ list of the world’s 10 best gay beaches. But some of the best queer seashores encourage locals and travelers alike to go au naturel, so we decided to bare it all ourselves with a roundup of the best nude beaches on Earth, including San Diego’s Black Beach, Herring Cove in P-Town and Capetown’s Sandy Bay (above).

The photos are fairly SFW, but proceed with caution if your cubiclemate might swoon at the site of some side-butt. Have a favorite naturalist oasis we might have overlooked? Drop a line in the comments section!

Click through to see GayCities’ scorching hot list of the world’s 10 best nude beaches.


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  • jack jett

    Sadly anything of Queerty that requires “clicking through” could pretty much take up
    the remainder of my life. The site is getting to slow for this for this aging speed freak.

  • nature boy

    including Herring Cove in Provincetown because park rangers “look the other way” is very inaccurate… ask one of the legions of men who have receieved expensive fines, court dates that require them to return to the state, or worse yet, been hauled in handcuffs up to federal court in Boston, since Herring Cove is federal park, and the closest federal court is 120 miles away. yeah– fun!

  • carlo

    One of the the best exclusively gay nude beaches in the world that I’ve been to was in Sunny Beach in Bulgaria. It was like a 24-hour gay party with the hottest European boys around.

  • Oh well

    Yes, Herring Cove is a great beach, and people do go nude, but it is not a nude beach properly speaking. People get in trouble for it and then are branded as sex offenders. One has to be careful.

  • Syuki

    and they don’t even have the news item about Anderson Cooper finally coming “out”

  • Drew

    Jack Jett lay off the meth and estrogen pills.

  • James Angus

    Ummm Wreck Beach in Vancouver, Canada?!? Could be argued that it’s the best nude beach in the world!

  • Making up stuff is fun!

    @James Angus: Sure, except for the 364 days when it’s raining in Vancouver.

  • Callum

    There are literally hundreds of nude beaches in California, many could be ranked the “Best in the World. San Gegorio Nude Beach is one of the oldest nude beaches in the USA.
    On that site check out the links to other nude beaches in California.

    I met an early lover of mine Dack Rambo ( ) on a nude un-named beach just north of Santa Cruz in the winter of 1967 or early 1968. He was with a female studio handler that he left standing on the beach.

    California beaches Rock!

  • Making up stuff is fun!

    @James Angus: Somebody’s never heard of hyperbole.

  • Jeff Kellum

    When reporting on a particular topic, one first must research that topic. A simple web search will reveal that another word for nudist is naturist. A naturalist is a bird watcher, rock collector, ape enthusiast, etc.

  • CH

    hmmm 7 of the best gay nudie beaches are in america !!!!! cummon been the Gran Caraia, Greek Isles, Southern France ??? please americans are so cute …. god bless


    his ass is sexey

  • FannyLove

    The best gay beaches I’ve found were Costa da Caparica, south of Lisbon, Portugal and Sandy Bay, Cape Town, South Africa. I wrote an article about Sandy Bay, see here:

    Sandy Bay is a really secluded stretch of coastline, about 10 miles east of Cape Town. You park on the edge of Llandudno village, and take a trail that becomes a boardwalk out into the wilds.

    The coast is really a collection of several different beaches, known collectively as Sandy Bay, terminating in a wonderful plage sauvage of pure white sand, green ocean, boulders and milkwood trees coming right down past enormous dunes. Lots of hot ZA men, all cruising, some naked, and international tourists too. A wonderful earthly paradise!

    And my favourite European beach is Paragem 19, just north of Fonte da Telha. It’s south of Lisbon in Portugal. This again is a wild beach with no buildings or developments, just miles of pale sand, dunes, very dense scrubland and wooded areas, and on any given day between May and October, you’ll find hundreds of men cruising here. Portuguese men tend to be very handsome, masculine and virile, many parading around in tiny swimsuits with buff bodies. I’ve seen so much eye-candy here, it’s amazing. Lots of French guys come on holiday here too, as well as the occasional Brit or American. Unlike Northern Europe, the local guys are very friendly, with zero attitude and as hot as hell, both to look at and to play with.

    If you want to know more about my travels to gay beaches, see my blog. Just google “Fanny Love”. I’m a Texan-born transvestite, now living in England.

    Fanny x

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