The New Homophobe At Wonkette: Update

David Lat DC

Yesterday we posted on David Lat, one of two bloggers who’ll soon take over the well-worn leather reigns from Anna Marie Cox over at Wonkette. We weren’t the only ones who commented on his anti-gay rant in the Harvard Crimson, and his site Underneath Their Robes has responded:

Based on the foregoing, some of you have accused David Lat of being “homophobic.” Much could be said on this subject; but for present purposes, suffice it to say that nothing could be farther from the truth.

Just as Samuel Alito should not be judged based on statements in a job application from 20 years ago, Lat should not be judged based on his (literally) sophomoric ramblings in a college newspaper, from over a decade ago. These “youthful indiscretions” — of a hotheaded, rabble rousing campus conservative — should not be viewed as an accurate reflection of who Lat is today. Nor do they represent the views he currently holds on such issues as homosexuality, gay marriage, etc.

But nowhere in his response does Lat either explain or apologize for his past behavior. Just because he was in college when he made the statements doesn’t exonerate him – we were never that ignorant in college. And he wasn’t at Barnum and Bailey Clown College either. He was at Harvard. He should’ve known better. Lat should apologize or Nick Denton should give the job to co-editor Alex Pareene full-time. There are plenty of talented bloggers out there who aren’t homophobes and who won’t alienate basically all of Wonkette’s audience.

Or better yet, make Anne Marie Cox stay!

In re: “Those ‘Happy Homos'” [Underneath Their Robes]

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