The Newfound Love Affair With Ted Olson

Not so recently, Ted Olson was the man you wanted to meet the front end of a sledgehammer. He was, after all, the fella who secured President George W. Bush a first term in office, thanks to his U.S. Supreme Court razzle dazzle. But now it’s like, we want to sit in this man’s lap. And have him tell us it’s all going to be okay.

Olson is making a surprisingly vast media tour pushing his Perry stance — all the more impressive when you consider defendant and attorney Charles Cooper has been seen far fewer places in the run-up to the trial — and his “Conservative Case for Gay Marriage” piece hits Newsweek as this NBC video segment also drops. We’re big fans of eloquent individuals who can so concisely boil down the gay marriage argument into an elevator speech — something he did in today’s opening statement (see next page), which closed with, “It is unconstitutional.”

But NBC didn’t stop there. It also produced this segments with plaintiff couples Jeff Zarrillo and Paul Katami.

ON THE NEXT PAGE: Ted Olson’s full opening statement.