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The ‘Non-Flamboyant, Non-Effeminate’ Gay Couple That’s Fighting Those Awful Stereotypes About Gay Men

Meet Jason and Rich. This couple hosts their own web show called Ask A Gay Couple, wherein they discuss what it’s like to, uh, be a gay couple. Riveting! But what the editors of this website might find boring, or grating, somebody else might find comforting, and hey, it’s the WWW, and there’s a place for everyone. Well you might think that, until you read Jason’s tagline: “As a non-flamboyant, non-effeminate gay man, I have very strong feelings against the gay stereotypes being perpetuated in the media and on YouTube. Many of my videos will tackle these issues.”

Didn’t we just get into this with Straight Acting Erik? Yes, we did! But YouTube is apparently the go-to spot for gay men who find themselves not conforming to whatever stereotypes of gay men there are (queens! bitches! femmes!), and feel the need to speak loudly about it.

This also explains why, on Jason and Rich’s (infrequently used) website off-shoot, called The Anti-Stereotypical Gay, users are welcomed with this message: “A forum for gay (and straight) people who are tired of seeing gay stereotypes being perpetuated in the media, on YouTube, and on the internet at large.”

The couple receives, and responds to, questions like these: “Since you do not act flamboyant or appear stereotypically gay, do girls approach you with romantic interests? If so, how do you handle the situation?” And: “Do you ever have to deal with incidents of females hitting on you? Even if they know you’re gay?”

To which we actually want to hear the answers to! And, we’re guessing, so. do. you!

And here’s their “blooper” reel:

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