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The Non-Sex Tape That Could Save The Lesbian Language Teachers’ Jobs

Brooklyn high school language teachers Alini Brito and Cindy Mauro (pictured L-R), who a janitor supposedly caught going down on each other in the classroom while students were at an assembly, have already mounted their defense: it was a diabetic emergency, with Brito’s blood sugar plummeting and Mauro only trying to help by giving her, ahem, some candy. But now the Mauro is joining Brito in a wrongful termination complaint against the school district, with attorneys claiming that if only the school’s since-destroyed security tape were available, it would show the pair were doing nothing tawdry, least of all showing Brito topless and on her back while Mauro was between her legs.

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  • Becky911

    When this story came out you should of seen the comments from straight dudes all positive and empowering comments saying that is so “hot, erotic, and sensual”, were it two guys it would have been perceived as shoving it down breeders throats

  • GeriHew

    Yet another biphobic headline from Queerty to show us you’re essentially no different to the mainstream homophobic media.

  • Hyhybt


  • lara

    Karina Maceczek is a P.S.teacher in Brooklyn,
    and she has been a Russian prostitute since she came.
    Firing teachers for insubordinate action seems to be questionable.

  • David Gervais


    How on earth did you come up with that comment?

    Aside from being very strange, your comment seems to be libelous until you can back it up.

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