The Promise of an American Torchwood Has Us Weak in the Knees

First we learned this week that Glee‘s Kurt is getting a boyfriend. Then, that there’s going to be an “erotic” connection between True Blood‘s Bill and vampire Sam. And now comes word that Fox is developing an American version of the U.K.’s Torchwood? And that it’ll be written by creator Russell Davies? And John Barrowman might come stateside to play Capt. Jack Harkness?!

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  • DillonS

    I don’t get it. Why on earth do we need an ‘American’ version of this amazing show? The British version is fine the way it is.

  • Jason Moreland

    I think wires got crossed somewhere and this should read that BBC is planning on setting Torchwood 4 in the US starring Barrowman and Myles. I highly doubt BBC would allow their highest rated series go to another american network.

  • DillonS

    @ Jason – now THAT I could handle. :) thanks for the clarification.

  • JayCanuck

    @Jason Moreland: yea, that’s what I was thinking too.

    The rumour went that the Torchwood crew were discussing possible season 4 plans. One was Torchwood doing a time-travel event in the USA, with Nathan Fillion as another time-traveling agent.

    In either case, more Torchwood will be sweet! As long as there’s John Barrowman and they aren’t shy to gay storylines.

    Personally, I’m not too big of a fan of some of RTD’s work, so here’s hoping wherever Torchwood ends up next, it ends up with solid stories

  • Wade MacMorrighan

    Yeah, why do we need an American version? Why not just import the original?! Still, it’d better have LOADS of gay and Bi (male) characters, and not just phobo-friendly Gay and bi women (that’s offensive!).

  • Wade MacMorrighan

    Sadly, I don’t get BBC America, though I seriously wish that I did! The only programs I get that air BBC-related programs is SyFi (current seasons of Dr. Who, but they may have stopped, now!), and PBS (which only airs re-runs in mixed order of Dr. Who). Still, neither has aired Torchwood, yet.

  • FakeName

    Fox cannot be trusted with a science fiction show. Torchwood is, frankly, a mixed bag in its British incarnation. For every good episode there were two that were weak. The one consistently redeeming quality, the sexual fluidity, would never make it to air on a US series. If a US version materializes and it ends up on Fox, the most likely outcome is that Fox will order 13 episodes, air three or four of them out of order and in different time slots, then cancel it. That is their pattern. I can only think of two science fiction-type shows that have seen a second season in the history of Fox: Tru Calling (barely) and Dark Angel.

  • Cam

    No. 5 · Wade MacMorrighan said..
    Yeah, why do we need an American version? Why not just import the original?!

    Because in the last go around most of the team was killed and Captain Jack left the earth. Additionally, the creater of Torchwood was saying that there will most likely be a new team if he does it so there is no guarentee that there will be anything gay about the show of Capt. Jack isn’t there in Season 4 of the BBC version.

  • AladinSane

    @FakeName: Don’t forget Dollhouse…at least they are letting the second season finish before they take it off the air…

  • oscar

    No way would there be an American sci-fi show on Fox starring a bisexual male character. Zip, zilch, nada, absolutely zero chance. This might fly on cable but not on a major broadcast channel.

  • scott ny'er

    Tru Calling and Dollhouse were terrible. Dark Angel, now that was a great show. The Sarah Connor Chronicles was pretty good too.

  • ksu499

    I would look forward to it, but just so Fox keeps their hands off it. They’ll ruin it. And Nathan Fillion as a time agent? Love to see that!

  • romeo

    If true, truly fantastic!!! I loved that show. Just hope they don’t fuck up the American version. As I’ve stated many times here and elsewhere, love, love, love Barrowman. A for real gay icon.

  • Qjersey

    Barrowman making out with Fillion? OMG HOW FUCKING HOT

  • Brett

    Scrough Sleigh Fy.

    An American version of Torchwood would have Captain Jack turned into a frustrated, flamboyant comedic device who hits on all the cute men and strikes out every time. Oh, and he’d probably aquire a “sonic lipstick” which requires him to raise his pinkie finger when he aims it…

  • No

    I don’t want one of my favorite shows anywhere near FOX or the majority of American tv viewers.

    Check out the Ugly Betty boards or the Glee boards and tell me those are the types of freaks you want shoving their opinions in the faces of the shows creators.

    God forbid you were around to see what they did to Heroes.

    America needs to watch this show from afar where it can’t be ruined.

    Bad enough even Brits managed to ruin Doctor Who with their Rose and David Tennent obsession.

    If Torchwood gets ruined by outside influences I’ll scream. The aired seasons have been captivating from episode one.

  • romeo

    # NO #17: You make a good point. Just would love to see the show resurrected in its original form.

  • Alexander

    @Cam: Oh my god, the second scene is my favorite Torchwood moment ever. Actually, that whole episode is just the best.

    “Yeah, but I didn’t know he’d be so hot!”

  • Alexa

    God no. Did you see the awful Doctor Who movie a few years ago that was aimed at America? (Eric Roberts as the Master? Blech) Or what they did to Red Dwarf, Coupling and Ultraviolet? US broadcast TV needs to stay away from British programs because they always remove the things that make the programs unique and good and dumb them down for middle America. If it were on cable it would stand a chance, but not on Fox, or any of the other networks.

  • TommyOC

    @FakeName: There were oft-forgotten sci-fi series on FOX before “Dark Angel.”

    I forget its name. “X-Files”–something. Small-time show, I remember. Oh, and there was “Millenium,” too.

    There are examples of British networks working with American networks before. If memory serves, SKY worked with NBC on a little project not too long ago. I believe it was called “Battlestar Galactica.” I forget if that was a success or not.

  • Rob Moore

    I just Captain Jack and Ianto back. And Toshiko. I want more scenes of someone walking in to see Captain Jack and Ianto getting all hot and sweaty in Jack’s office. I want to hear Captain Jack answer Ianto’s “I love you” before Ianto takes his last breath. I would have loved a prolonged story arc of Captain Jack Harkness with the original Captain Jack Harkness before he died. I want to see more of Captain Jacks kid brother played by Lachlan Niebor who is totally hot.

    I hate what Russell Davies and the BBC did to Torchwood at the end.

  • alan brickman

    sounds like the gayness will be removed……

  • alan brickman

    Lachlan Lieber should be morning goods…

  • Jadis

    It could be good, depending on whether or not they bowdlerize it. HBO should do it. That plus better writing. Torchwood always seemed to be an afterthought to DW.

    As for DW, I wish they hadn’t tried to turn David Tennant into Jesus (cute though he may be).

  • MrBeautiful

    Is Barrowman cut or uncut?

  • Blake

    The track record of moving popular British shows to the US is bad. Very bad. And that’s without taking the the gay/bisexual storylines of Torchwood into account. This has FAIL written all over it…

  • Scot

    Blake, I don’t agree with you. The track record for moving Brit tv to America is excellent! It actually goes farther back than FRIENDS and SANFORD AND SON. There have been many, many, many tv shows that have been imported from there. Alot of game shows also started out as British game shows.
    I honestly do believe that American networks will fuck up Torchwood but they have done a pretty good job with alot of other shows.

  • sebastien

    Russell T Davies is gonna go mad anyway. RTD has never been restraint by BBC or Channel 4 when he was doing Queer As Folk. He enjoyed his freedom. Other there , the network is gonna piss him off so much ( “Tone that down, please…No gay kiss, please….Stop the sexual innuendos, please….etc…), He’s gonna walk out of the set.I bet my hand on that.

    It would be OK if the show was on Showtime or HBO, but we ‘re talking about FOX.

    He repeats 100 times in the show that there ‘s nothing after death, just a big blank. Do you really think he would be able to say that to an american audience obsessed with religion?

    There’s no freedom on a national network and RTD is a free writer.That won’t work.

    Listen to the experience of Steven Moffat( Doctor who new show runner) about the remake of his sitcom Coupling on NBC.

  • Cam

    No. 29 · sebastien said..
    Russell T Davies is gonna go mad anyway. RTD has never been restraint by BBC or Channel 4 when he was doing Queer As Folk. He enjoyed his freedom.

    He tends to lose it anyway, the last few episodes of the British “Queer as Folk” were some of the worst TV on the Planet.

  • meitzjoei

    Well, ‘killer’ Daves is back in the USA!! after he did Torchwood in the UK, he’ll get attached 2 a new group here then break our hearts again!

  • TommyOC

    All of you seem to forget that FOX has TWO OTHER CHANNELS!! ZOMG!

    Fox Movie Channel (FMC) and FX, a channel that shows, among other things, UNEDITED, PROFANITY-LACED, CRITICAL-AWARD-WINNING television series that were deemed too racy for even it’s national network!

    Torchwood can easily see life on FX just as racy (if not more so) than it ever did on BBC.

  • alan brickman

    they need an american version to de-gay it..it’s just that simple…

  • badluckshadow13

    Uhg… this is more pointless than dubbing British kids shows with American voice actors (we do that sometimes…) seriously.
    I hope this falls apart like Ab Fab did.
    After all, Torchwood isn’t Dr. Who, can you imagine how weird it’d be to watch anybody else play the characters?

  • Sarah

    So is this going to be a remake or something separate? I’ll give it a chance, but they had BETTER get John Barrowman.

  • Allegra

    The UK’s Torchwood is doing just fine. Does America really need to go into this and screw it up with traditional ‘hollywood’ bullshit?

    I’m sick of America re-creating awesome things and making it shitty. Like the new movie Repomen. It’s a total rip off of Repo! The Genetic Opera, just y’know, without the singing.

    Screw this.

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