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The Sexiest Cover of Adele’s “Hello” By The Sexiest New Singer We Know

If you’re like us (and probably the rest of the world), you’re fighting the urge to go postal if you see or hear one more cover, mash-up, remix or parody of Adele’s inescapable hit “Hello.” That is until we discovered Brandon Skeie (pronounced SHAY-ah). Well, hello there, Brandon SHAY-ah, where have you been all our lives?

Check out his rendition of the song below and scroll down to see a few photos of the talented performer.

I want to get this whole arm covered in tats like asap! Itching for some new ink ?

A photo posted by Brandon SHAY-ah (@brandonskeie) on

Good Morning Everyone ?

A photo posted by Brandon SHAY-ah (@brandonskeie) on

Never had a shave so great, now I don't look like a grizzly bear anymore. Bless you @dollarshaveclub ???? #ad

A photo posted by Brandon SHAY-ah (@brandonskeie) on

When your sleepy AF in the middle of the day but still gotta get shit done ?

A photo posted by Brandon SHAY-ah (@brandonskeie) on

Part 2 of my morning | more sleep

A photo posted by Brandon SHAY-ah (@brandonskeie) on

Tag a friend who likes to cuddle ? ps new vid today at noon PST! see what I eat daily!

A photo posted by Brandon SHAY-ah (@brandonskeie) on

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  • Derek Perron

    U mean an over produced auto tuned version. However he is damn cute and can sing

  • Brian

    I wonder if there’s any Photo Shop in these photos.

  • martinbakman

    @Derek Perron: He does have a nice voice with a lot of good covers on YouTube. But yeah the modulation technology to smooth over vocals these days is so tiring. That said, he does seem like a great guy. Glad to know about him.

  • Don Hanover

    dude’s hot and hot and talented

  • Hector Pagan

    Oh he’s hot and amazing voice?????

  • Roxann Fraser

    I love your version ❤️

  • Tracy Pope

    His singing is okay but… He used to weigh 304 pounds? I’m more impressed with his turn around and getting fit.

  • Uppity

    He seems sweet and personable but I always move on if the vocal is as autotuned and processed as this. There’s no way of knowing if he’s a talented singer or not. I’m hoping that ultimately there’ll be a swing away from autotune. But it’s a generational thing I guess, as I grew up listening to singers who could actually sing and the very slight imperfections were what gave the songs their individuality and humanity. Autotune is heinous in my opinion, but even great singers like Adele now use it in their recordings.

  • Cagnazzo82

    Suffice to say youtube has revolutionized karaoke.

    Decent attempt.

    I don’t find him hot at all though. Not the type of guy I’d give a second look if I passed him on the street.

  • aliengod

    What a great auto tuned version of Hello with wonderful photoshopped pictures of the “performer”. There’s nothing special about this.

  • sportsguy1983

    He sounds like a better singer than Steve grand, but that’s not saying too much.

  • KiwiJello

    304lbs? Wow, he has certainly worked hard to look as good as he does. Somehow that makes me like him a little more.

  • DarkZephyr

    I haven’t listened to the recording just yet, but he is kinda cute in a Twinkie kinda way.

  • moldisdelicious

    @Milton Appleby: I

    Well said. Bad enough you got guys like him thinking they are hot shit roaming around with shitty attitudes thinking theyre special and gifted. Like we need to put guys like him on a pedestal then wonder why the gay community is so fucked up. Queerty take some responsibility.

  • tham

    Very cute and obviously talented.

  • dickrichard

    90% of these Youtube singers don’t do actual live shows, and if they do, they never upload them to YouTube. We all know why!

    But what I hate most about these singers is the setting for these “live” covers that they do: All the vocals and instruments have clearly been tweaked and tuned, compressed and balanced so that everything sounds clear and perfect, so stop trying to fool is with the “I’m singing into this mic and wearing headphones, so you know it’s live”-b.s.

    The worst thing is that a lot of young people are so accustomed to vocals with auto-tune and heavy compression that they think great singers actually sound like this when belting out notes, and get very defensive when someone points out that they are using autotune.

    I don’t know about you guys, but I’d rather listen to a bad or mediocre singer who’s honest and vulnerable, than one who’s unbelievably perfect and lying straight to my face.

    There’s just no soul here!

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