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The Story of the Beauty Pageant Sponsor Who Blew Bodybuilder Zeb Atlas

zeb atlas-jake cruise

When I read this story from RadarOnline about an old dude named Ric Alonso, I saw the accompanying picture and immediately thought: I know this guy from somewhere. Oh yeah! He’s Jake Cruise, the guy who turned walking slab of muscle/bodybuilder Zeb Atlas onto gay porn by giving him the blowjob of his life in the iconic feature Zeb Atlas Serviced.

Apparently Cruise’s other extracurricular activities include financing a “wholesome” beauty pageant:

Ric Alonso and his partner of 21 years, Ernie Koneck, are both highly involved in the Southern California Scholarship Association — a nonprofit that produces the Miss Hollywood pageant, which is an official preliminary to Miss California and Miss America.

But has discovered that Ric goes by the pseudonym Jake Cruise, a gay porn star and producer that owns three hardcore adult websites.

Koneck has been forced to resign from this “SoCal Scholarship Association,” which runs the Miss Hollywood pageant and is apparently a “feeder pageant for the Miss America,” as—who else—Fox News reports.

I say: Who cares? I can understand the reservations people have about a guy with a gay porn past who teaches young children, though I still think he doesn’t pose a threat to them because I don’t subscribe to the gay-porn-stars-must-be-pedophiles worldview. But this dude just puts on a pageant where dumb bitches strut their shit in front of a camera and try to come up with something intelligible to say when asked softball questions. (They often fail.)

Anyway, thank you for turning out Zeb Atlas, Ric Alonso/Jake Cruise, because I have a thing for bodybuilders. Could you ask him to stop making music videos though? Thanks.

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  • QJ201

    And on World AIDS Day, let’s not forget that Jake Cruise makes bareback porn.

  • Rob

    Who cares if someone has a porn star past and teaches young children? As long as the person isn’t talking about it with children and parents, let their teaching ability determine whether they keep their job.

  • shmuel

    I can’t believe it took so long in this day and age to connect Ric Alonso to Jake Cruise in the internet age.

  • RomanHans

    > I can understand the reservations people have
    > about a guy with a gay porn past who teaches
    > young children

    I’m with Rob. Why? You realize heterosexual teachers can post that fags are going to hell on their Facebook pages and they’re still deemed acceptable to teach.

  • marko

    I have no idea who any of these people are.

  • FreddyMertz

    Every time I see/hear about him…I always remember a comment written about him and his “gay for pay” stable of men..they’ve gone “gay for gray”. teehee

  • Red Meat

    Whats with all the gay witch hunt by Fox News lately

  • Big Stella

    I read a story somewhere else where Jake said it was his partner who was involved in the pageants and not himself. Either way I just do not see what it matters. They were not hurting anyone.

  • christopher di spirito

    I’ve always been curious how much $$$ Orca must pay these guys to fuck him?

  • MKe

    he’s blown a lot more than Zeb Atlas lol.

  • Steven

    @christopher di spirito – what the fuck is your problem? Yes, we get it, you detest fat people. Especially old fat people.

    Also, Zeb Atlas was doing porn before Jake Cruise.

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