The Trans Ex-Prostitute Claiming LL Cool J Frequented Her Services

If you are a moderately famous person, you have probably been slapped with queer rumors. Will? Mike? John? Michelle? Queen? Yeah, y’all know what I’m talking about. And so too will LL Cool J, because “educated transsexual” Toni Newman is coming out with a book, I Rise, where she’ll reveal “a Prime-Time television actor, rapper, author, fitness model, and clothes designer sexually linked to African American transgender Madame Toni Newman during her NYC prostitution days. You will see information on President George H.W. Bush, Mel Gibson, and many others, stay tuned.” In a release from Newman’s “people,” we’re told “in the book she outs LL Cool J and others.” Which is neither here nor there: if written well enough, this book sounds worth the read without the Hollywood name drops.