The Trans Ex-Prostitute Claiming LL Cool J Frequented Her Services

If you are a moderately famous person, you have probably been slapped with queer rumors. Will? Mike? John? Michelle? Queen? Yeah, y’all know what I’m talking about. And so too will LL Cool J, because “educated transsexual” Toni Newman is coming out with a book, I Rise, where she’ll reveal “a Prime-Time television actor, rapper, author, fitness model, and clothes designer sexually linked to African American transgender Madame Toni Newman during her NYC prostitution days. You will see information on President George H.W. Bush, Mel Gibson, and many others, stay tuned.” In a release from Newman’s “people,” we’re told “in the book she outs LL Cool J and others.” Which is neither here nor there: if written well enough, this book sounds worth the read without the Hollywood name drops.

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  • irrelevant

    There is nothing sensational about this story..





    He is still holding true to his name and image!! Big deal.. trans or biological, he still sleeps with women.

  • Cam


    I believe she was pre-op as a prostitute.

  • Harbo

    George H.W. Bush? Thought he just took up sky diving. Hey, a thrill is a thrill.

  • Mike in Asheville

    LL Cool J is one very sexy man.

    Alas, my gaydar says he’s straight as an arrow, though quite cool that each has their own right to be true to themselves.

  • D.R.A.

    How the hell is this an outing? Transgender women are women. LL Cool J is straight, right? So why is this supposed to be shocking?

  • Cam


    Because when she worked as a hooker she wasn’t transgender I believe and still had a man’s body.

  • Daine

    After RuPaul described the way he was treated by LL Cool J on the set of “In The House”, this wouldn’t surprise me.

  • Enron

    When it comes to LL Cool J, my gaydar, (which has been pretty accurate so far) says, keep dreaming! He’s a really hot guy though.

  • Jukadiie

    why do i feel a “Bitch Please” coming on??

  • DJ

    No one is gonna believe his/her bullshit. LL is straight.

  • Oprah

    I bet L L cool J has a small willy, why else would need to compesate with a kick a$$ body building?

  • alan brickman

    Lots of straight guys hang out with the transgendered without kiling them…this book just reinforces certian prejudices against the transgendered..and the straights who have no problem with them…

  • spaz

    Straight?!–hahahaha. I’m not sure where all the previous posters are from (or where they’ve been for the past 20 years). Someone’s gaydar is definately broken.

    Ladies may love him, but Cool James is down with the fellas. It’s an open secret in entertainment world. There have been countless rumors and blind items about him for past 20 years. Wish he would come out.

  • Shannon

    No he is NOOOOOOOOOTTTTT…..LOL….you would be surprized at who and how many men in Hollywood are bi/gay….~~TRUST~~ me

  • huh?

    A penis does not make the man. It doesn’t matter if she still had one – she lives and identifies as a woman. LL Cool J dates women. Straight men date trans women – this does not make them gay. How many gay guys do you know that actively seek out trans women for sex? Zero? Why is that? Because trans women are not men and gay men date men. Therefore, LL Cool J is not gay because he dates trans and cis women. He would be gay if he dated men, but since that’s not the story, we can assume that he’s straight. End of story, people. I know some of you (you know who you are) continue to be dense when it comes to trans stuff, so I’m just going to leave it that.

  • Trevor

    That tranny is the most “man wearing a wig” looking mess I’ve seen in my life.
    And that look?
    Didn’t they take a few more polaroids before selecting that one for the cover? It looks scared or surprised.
    It’s a definite manface with fake dreads.
    LL Cool J is definitely hot.
    And he might be gay or DL.
    But he definitely could do better than that thing.

  • Trevor

    OK thanks Shannon.
    Like you’re some hollywood expert on who’s gay and who’s not.
    Or like you even know these people.
    Why do people act like know it alls about famous people, when they have no clue?
    Shannon–are you some big deal in hollywood who parties with A-listers but finds time to troll Queerty?

  • johnny

    Listen folk i just got the 411

    toni newman was polygraphed about her book and her story by ex US secret service agent and passed. This story was originally slated to run in the National Enquirer and they polygraphed her and got all the info. They contacted LL Cool J and deal was made and story was pulled. Toni has agreed to take another polygraph test for national show by some CIA agent.

    I was surprised to see Toni is highly educated and law school student and there are some awesome pics in the book.

    So who pays to kill a story if they not hiding something.

    Who takes polygraph tests over and over if they are lying.

    Lets get real something is up here.

    I have heard things in past about ll cool j especially from the atlanta gays but this is getting right down to the nitty gritty.

    I wanna know how much did ll cool j pay the national enquirer to pull the story. The girl at the national enquirer was sarah cordes who was running with the story for the national enquirer.

    Ok you can hate the transgender toni newman and call her names but the truth is the truth.

    If you did it just say yes i did it and move on. What is the big deal.

    i think a lot of people are bisexual who cares

    but this is the whole story so there is something here

    the truth is going to come out for sure

    I am straight guy and not interested in men at all but on the real i have seen some transgenders and did actually think they were attractive with all their female form.

    I have not had any bisexual encounters.

    so here is the deal

    lets wait and see what happens.

  • Tori

    @DJ: You can just say her.

  • Tori

    @Trevor: Someones going out of their way to be offensive.

  • janet

    i just saw story that violet kowal *mel gibon second mistress*
    worked for the transgender toni newman at her apt in hollywood
    six years ago

    violet wore mistress outfits and took nude pics and they were posted on craigslist and other adult sites

    seems like this transgender prostitute toni newman met some very interesting people and wrote about it in her book
    I rise-the transformation of toni newman

    i think violet kowal did porn as well before she became fitness model
    and she was sleeping with mel gibson while he was dating the other mistress with his baby

    i also hear in the book there are some really hot pics of male and female models in the pic

    this has to be the most interesting book i have ever heard of

    mel gibson
    violet kowal

    there is even a pic of a president of the united states in the book with one of her closest friends

    i gotta read this book



  • tizzyfoshizzy


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