The Ultimate Collection Of Cuddling Bros Photos

tumblr_lzgddrtLEd1qj3s2oo1_500A study out of the UK this week found that 93 percent of straight, male college athletes surveyed had enjoyed a good cuddle with their straight bros more than one time, and a whopping 98 percent admitted to sharing a bed with another man during college.

“They don’t realize this is something that older men would find shocking,” said study co-author Mark McCormack. “It’s older generations that think men cuddling is taboo.”

It’s about time these straight boys caught up with the times. A good cuddle sesh never hurt anyone!

To celebrate this riveting science and your lazy Saturday, we’ve rounded up the most adorable gay boys and hetero bros (and two One Direction members) cuddling on the Internet. Can you tell which ones are straight?



























Images via GuysCuddling and SomeGayCuddle

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  • Billy Budd

    It is so beautiful to see two men sharing intimacy.

  • SteveDenver

    I hope they’re all gay and straight.
    The sleeping pictures are wonderful in their sense of freedom and lack of complication.

  • DickieJohnson

    Sweet, peaceful pics, but, I can’t believe ANY of them ate Str8!!! How can that not lead to boners, and, at least, roaming hands and frottage? Wouldn’t it be great if most straight men adopted this activity? I’d love to cuddle with quite a few of my bubba buddies!

  • vive

    They’re all posed except for the guys sleeping on the train, but oh my god the guys sleeping on the train!

  • TerrenM

    SO NICE how Queerty always throws in ONE ‘token’ black guy/couple. But it’s always usually just the one photo in these ‘pictorals’. They couldn’t copy/paste more from Google images?

  • nudedude

    pic with the dog is not two dudes. bra strap……….

  • Cee

    @nudedude: May be trans lolol

  • OrchidIslander

    Apparently there are no cuddle photos of adorable, older, heavier, hairier straight and gay men out there for you to gather up Queerty.

    I’m somewhat amazed that you couldn’t find a way to insert Davey Wavey and/or Zack Efron into the mix.

  • Maude

    @nudedude: @<a href="#comment-824582"

    Yeah, but I think it's a cuddly boy dog.

  • sejjo

    You even have threesomes. Geez Queerty, don’t go exceeding my expectations. No clear favorites, they’re all ethereal.

  • toberlin


  • jayj150

    Very cute, but, how does Queerty have any idea of what these men’s sexual orientation is simply by looking at the photos?. Do you guys simply infer they’re all straight because many of them are masculine looking?. I think it’s great men(straight, gay, bi) share this kind of intimacy, but I think it’s troubling to make inferences on people’s sexual orientation, in either direction. Yes, we can’t just infer they’re gay/bi because they’re snuggling, but you can’t just infer they’re straight because they have the ‘jock type’.

  • hotshot70

    I have a feeling many of those snuggles turned into a sex tape!

  • auntsharon

    I thought the two guys sleeping on the train was staged, and the image flipped, because the label on the camo suit reads “HOMO” backwards. Then I noticed that the subway map is Moscow, and the word is “omon”, Russian for “riot police”. Now THERE’S irony.

  • Mezaien

    How sweet and lovely. Remind me myself.

  • yupwhatever


    I agree with you 100% and to be honest when i look at these pics, I just can’t help but think that most of these guys are gay or at least bi. Maybe it’s wishful thinking on my part. Whatever. Personally though, I’m getting real tired and annoyed by this straight obsession many gays still have. Yeah I know, I know. I’m being such a Debbie Downer right now. ;) I mean, I’m glad that more and more straights are getting less uptight. I get it, but at the same time I don’t get all fangirly at the idea of 2 straight guys cuddling. I swear, there are some gay guys out there that seem to get more turned on by the idea of straight men touching each other than actual gay men passionately going at it. It seems crazy (and it is), but there is truth to it.

  • coltonblack

    The deal is straight guys don’t say they were cuddling .. But instead, chilling out with a bud:) Photos almost never happen. Lol.

    Cool pics though.

  • Sebizzar

    @TerrenM: I was thinking exactly the same thing. Especially since I’ve been reading a lot about race and diversity issues so I’m becoming more aware about white supremacy and stuff. It just sucks that there’s not much we can do to change it :/

    Don’t get my wrong I always love these pictures of guys being affectionate with each other, but at times it seems a bit redundant with the same race of guys and sometimes even similar styles, I have to do a double take to see if I already saw that one or if those guys look like brothers lol. Interracial couples ftw! :)


    @yupwhatever: ” I swear, there are some gay guys out there that seem to get more turned on by the idea of straight men touching each other than actual gay men passionately going at it. It seems crazy (and it is), but there is truth to it.”

    Yup, guilty as charged! And I wish I knew how to get past this issue, which to a some degree extent infects the whole community from top to bottom; G4P etc. As a community we need to have big ass debate about the causes and pschological cost of all this. As a start Queerty could adress the issue and regularly at that.

    From a nilla perspective I’d echo the call for more variety and ethnic diversity round here.

    — My Dick

  • toberlin

    Prince of Snarkness aka DIVKID: I think this ” more turned on by straight men touching eachother “- Thing is a kind of natural or “normal” for men who like men.I mean in a lot of situations you are “outnumbered” in daily live if you don’t live in a gay bar.But you still like men.So there are tons of situations to “fantasize”.If this “Thing” turns not into a “Don’t be gay” -or a “All men are at least Bi”Attitude I do not see any “Issue” there…

  • toberlin

    Prince of …..:”daily life”, should I read my bla…?
    And NO to “homosexuality = anal sex”-Thing.There millions and millions of straight people and I who do not think or say that.

  • jasentylar

    where are the fat gay people?

  • Blackceo


    Don’t forget that this site caters to a particular segment of the gay population.

  • Aromaeus

    @TerrenM: Thank you, my thoughts exactly.

    @Blackceo: yes the white population

  • Stache99

    This is more like someone’s J/O twink fantasy. Very young and white with one token black and hairy couple thrown in for variety and not very good one’s at that. Like someone did a last minute find.

  • denvermtnbiker

    Ummm, yeah… Cuz 96% of all guys that cuddle are white…

  • J. B.

    That isn’t a bra strap. If you look at the photo more closely you’ll see it’s the lighting that’s casting a shadow that is not quite a straight line. Also try doing a Google reverse image search and you’ll see this pic on a lot of other gay orientated websites.

  • Throbert McGee


    I thought the two guys sleeping on the train was staged, and the image flipped, because the label on the camo suit reads “HOMO” backwards. Then I noticed that the subway map is Moscow, and the word is “omon”, Russian for “riot police”. Now THERE’S irony.

    Auntsharon, I taught ESL in Moscow in the early ’90s (shortly after the break-up of the “CCCP”), and I can confirm that even among “homophobic” Russians, the kind of male/male body contact seen in the Moscow subway photo above would not cause the slightest bit of giggling or mocking.

    I would also totally recommend gay historian John Ibson’s Picturing Men for a vintage photographic survey of how body-language-rules have changed (for the worse) among American men. A lot of the poses seen above were extremely common and uncontroversial in American photography between the Civil War and WW2.

    It wasn’t that the “spooning” guys in these antique, sepia-toned photos represented some kind of secret homosexual underground (a few of them might have, but nearly all of the spooning male couples were straight); the point is that hugging or hand-holding weren’t sexualized back then, so these activities were okay for “normal” hetero guys to engage in during a photo session.

    Gays coming out of the closet temporarily made American straight guys extremely paranoid about simple, non-sexual cuddling with their bros, but I think society has almost evolved enough now that young guys are beginning to re-understand the difference between sexualized gay-cuddling where you’re deliberately trying to give each other boners, and just-friends cuddling between dudes who like each other and are trying to keep warm without sexual tension.

  • Throbert McGee

    P.S. I totally love “nekkid spooning” with another horny homo guy before and after man-sex, and it’s disappointing if a sex-buddy doesn’t want to spoon and cuddle because that would mean we’re boyfriends engaged to be gay-married, and they’re afraid of commitment. (I have always been a big believer in inviting the other guy to crash on my sofa if he wants and cooking him breakfast in the A.M., even if it’s a totally no-strings “buddy” situation.)

    However, I also fully understand that “spooning” doesn’t have to be even slightly sexual. I “spooned” non-sexually as a gay Boy Scout, and I’ve also done it as the uncle of a 7-year-old nephew who likes to snuggle up with whatever adult is reading the bedtime story, whether it’s mommy and daddy, or grandma, or Uncle Rob, or Aunt Cathy.

  • Throbert McGee

    The deal is straight guys don’t say they were cuddling .. But instead, chilling out with a bud:)

    Yep, terminology can be important, too!

  • toberlin

    :)Hey McGee …if a straigt man hang out with his “bro” its like hanging out with his brother… familiar bodycontact is normal and has no sexual intention.I use to have male friends since Kindergarten and shared a flat with 3 guys ( friends of my 5 years older sister).I was like the little sister.If boys or men are not insecure or educated to “keep distance” they don’t care so much about if this or that could ” look gay”.

  • B Damion

    Str8 black men do not cuddle, spoon, etc…This is strickly a white thing. It just kills me to think of all the things white people get away with lol…

    Oh well! watcha gonna do. lol


  • toberlin

    :)…after a few beer/joints they pretty much spoon everything.So if you are looking for “same- sex experience” with straight guys this might be the right moment.(As a woman I kept Friendship / Sex mostly separeted…if you hang out with your male friends you have to decide between “girl”or “Buddy”…And mostly I choose Buddy.So if they hit on me you simply say no and make not a big buzz or bla about…)

  • toberlin

    ….and NO they do not spoon or cuddle(these words overates it) all the time. Now .I have to spoon.Good Night

  • Captain Obvious

    Internet is always full of ridiculous fiction. These kids nowadays are just as homophobic if not more homophobic than ever before. Give it a rest with the fantasies.

    There are closeted guys who will interact with each other and some go on to find a beard. That’s about as close to this being a reality as you’re going to get.

    At the end of the day everyone in question is still gay, claiming they’re not is dependent upon their environment, and upbringing.

  • KDub

    Trick question. There are no straight ones, but I can totally tell which one is the “woman” in all of them. :)

  • newecreator

    Why is there 1D?!??!

  • toberlin

    Captain Obvious:…a prison is a save place…I m sorry to hear that being gay seem such a terrifying thing to you that you think all people on the planet must feel the same.Or you just know homophobe people or closeted men or men who are gay.But if it makes you happy to belive that. The fact is :Berlin is not the bible belt.Germany not the USA and Western Europe not America

  • Throbert McGee


    Apparently there are no cuddle photos of adorable, older, heavier, hairier straight and gay men out there for you to gather up Queerty.

    Well, the photos were tied in with an article about a survey of college-aged guys in the UK, so (for once) Queerty’s chicken-centric photo selections sorta made sense — at least, they fit the text.

    That said, not all college dudes are slender twinks with waxed chests!

    [channeling Snoopy, Come Home]

    “No cubs allowed! No chubs allowed! You’re not our crowd! No cubs allowed!”

  • toberlin

    :)Agree to Mc Ghee.I Love Handles.(…Can’t be the only one or you would call them Hate Handles)
    KDub: See no women but some straights here…you need to see a doctor.

  • Disturbed1ne

    I am fortunate to have a touchy feely str8 friend.

    We aren’t at the cuddling point, BUT, we gone from saying I love you a lot to each other, to when we sit on the couch, he then sits sideways with his legs resting on my lap, to sometimes be handsy, and now, he would sometimes just give me a peck on the forehead. I can’t ask for a better friend.

    I am of bigger stature too and wants to help me get slender. I love this man!

  • Throbert McGee


    Agree to Mc Ghee.I Love Handles.(…Can’t be the only one or you would call them Hate Handles)

    Toberlin, as the Russians say, “Ja ne govorju po-nemetski”, so forgive my incompetent German, but I didn’t know, dass Du bist ein Mädchen!. Well, bad luck for me, but straight men are lucky!

    Anyway, I also love Love Handles… my favorite guys are big rugby players who have (natural-looking) muscles, but also enjoy well-cooked food and quality beer and have a bit of extra fat on them.


    I am of bigger stature too and he wants to help me get slender.

    I’ve said this before, but: “Martial arts! Martial arts!” Seriously, for many reasons, a good martial-arts program is one of the best possible approaches to improving your overall physical condition. (For one thing, karate or whatever gives you a sort of framework in which you can pursue other conditioning/weight-loss activities such as weightlifting and aerobics.)

    Also, DON’T rely on crash diets without adding some sort of regular exercise routine. Simply adjusting your daily schedule to add about 30-60 minutes of brisk walking EVERY DAY can help. A buddy of mine in NYC lost a whole lot of extra weight in six months after he and his hubby moved to a new apartment that was considerably farther from the nearest subway station than their old apartment had been — so it added about 30 minutes of walking (round trip) to his daily commute.

  • toberlin

    @Throbert McGee: Oh No,but thanks for the flowers/DITO…said it at the first Time that I am a women I have written something here and a few times later.Funny Thing is since Kindergarden they call me Boyish.Pony&Ballet were O.K. just the playing with & punshing back Boys instead of crying totally not.:)

  • litper

    @Throbert McGee: it’s only gay if the balls touch? You are pathetic…

  • Throbert McGee


    it’s only gay if the balls touch? You are pathetic…

    In many ways I am pathetic, but there’s nothing pathetic about my reading skills, Mary.

    But since you seem to have some problems in the reading department, let me dumb it down for you:

    Two male Greco-Roman wrestlers who both like vaginas and aren’t turned on at all by penises are in a really tight grapple and their balls rub together = NOT GAY

    Two guys are having dinner in a restaurant (maybe their first-ever dinner together, maybe their 100th dinner together) and without even touching physically or speaking, they look into each other’s eyes and understand that they have an intense mutual attract to each other’s maleness and that an hour or so after dinner they will be in bed sharing hot sweaty ecstatic man-to-man sex = EXTREMELY GAY

    It’s that recognition of mutual homosexual desire between two men that makes a situation “gay”, not the manner in which they’re touching.

    P.S. I might add: Gay dude orally servicing a totally hunky straight dude who isn’t attracted to him and is just enjoying a blowjob that he doesn’t have to pay for while closing his eyes and thinking about women = NOT GAY, JUST KINDA PATHETIC AND SELF-LOATHING AND IMPLICITLY HOMOPHOBIC

  • philipcfromnyc

    I think that these photographs are absolutely beautiful, and depict a degree of intimacy seldom seen in daily life. I also agree with Throbert McGee that a great many straight men will enjoy being orally serviced by another man. In fact, Craigslist provides so many examples that I seriously believe that more than 10% of the male population has had sex with other members of the male population, notwithstanding the fact that most of these men do not self-identify as gay.

    It is possible to enjoy extreme intimacy without any physical touching whatsoever. A look can convey more emotions than any degree of physical sexual connectedness.

    It is also possible for physical touching to mean absolutely nothing sexual, despite the fact that the participants genitals may be touching, as in the examples of Greco-Roman wrestlers.


  • Rusty Alcorta

    @Throbert McGee: Thanks for your opinion. I agree with you on almost everything. I was adopted by an older couple when I was four (1955) and I called their sons my uncles since the youngest was about thirty. My best friend was the stepson of one of my uncles and we grew up together since we lived on the same farm and always bathed and slept together in many of those positions above. We considered each other brothers. Two of our uncles were homophobic and made remarks about our closeness because we were always hugging and lying on each other. Our parents never told us it was wrong or prohibited us from being US and they expected us to hug and kiss after our fights. Our parents would tell our homophobic uncles we’d grow out of it like they did. One of them claimed they were never like us. When we were around thirteen (1964) we found a box of old photographs of when our uncles were kids (1933)and they were caught spooning and on each other and in each other’s arms around age fourteen and fifteen and worse, in some photos they were naked playing horse wars and swimming and sunning on the banks of a creek near our house from ages fourteen to eighteen or twenty and a couple had erections (1935-1941). When my dad caught us looking at the pictures, he looked at them with us and explained how close our uncles and their friends had been and then said, “That damn war changed all of them” meaning World War II, so I don’t know what happened that changed the views on how we acted to those uncles or if they knew from the start I was a sissy and my best friend and I would eventually become the partners we did. My partner at sixteen had a son with an eighteen year old woman that I raised after he passed away in Vietnam. I don’t know if he thought of women when we had sex. He talked about them now and then but never when we had sex. In our time (the sixties) and I can only make an opinion of the boys around us in the small towns in south Texas, they were very stand offish from each other and they never hugged each other or slept with each other from what I knew at the time and didn’t know about the gays ones that had been closeted during that time until around 1975. They had some tales to tell. By then I had been to countries where boys hugging, kissing, spooning, lying in each other’s arms AND holding hands publicly did not mean they were gay. BTW my mother left me all those pictures and more in a locked box when she passed away in 1991 and I made a CD of them and gave them to all my uncles’ kids leaving out the more erotic ones. Some are posted on a site of vintage males here on the net.

  • Marc

    @Aromaeus: Oh,my! The catering to Whites and more “poor left-out” me. I am not White, but if I feel a site always caters to people so unlike myself, I move on.

  • dhazen1

    “Can you tell which ones are straight?”

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say not the ones cuddling naked in the bathtub together.

  • keezwyner

    So, if you cuddle with a friend that is female, does it mean that you are sexually attracted? It is funny how those assumptions about others only seem to go one way. “Yeah, he’s gay”

  • Evji108

    Thinking that straight guys are into cuddling each other, is delusional wishful thinking. They avoid it like the plague.

  • scgf

    This article is so true. I’m a teacher in the UK and many of the 14 year old boys I teach are very touchy-feely with each other. They think nothing of sitting on each other’s laps, walking down the corridor arm in arm, playing with each other’s hair – it’s amazing when only a few years ago these actions would have been an invitation to teasing, name-calling or worse. I teach in a mixed-sex school and neither boys nor girls have ever made any negative comments about this physical demonstration of friendship.

    In the past I have only witnessed physical intimacy like this when abroad (Spain, France etc.) where it has always been more common.

    It bodes well for the British psyche!

  • virgolibra22

    @DickieJohnson: I’m gay, my brothers straight and we still cuddle. We’ve never fooled around. That’s insane. He’s the baby of the family I’m 17 yrs older than him. He’s like me son, and our father was an ass so we were close. He always slept with me. When he got out of high school he came to live with me. Me, my sister and him lived in a small studio apt so we slept in the same bed. Giving my sister her own. My brother and I would cuddle nothing weird. I cuddle with my sisters too. I’m don’t know what kind of family you came from but. Me and my sibling are very close and say things like I love you. We hug for no reason. I have 6 siblings.

  • gamer

    @Captain Obvious:

    Speaking as a straight male, this is purely fictional. Straight guys do not cuddle. There’s no way straight guys hang out privately and cuddle, but simply call it “hanging out”.

    I’m pretty sure your friend isn’t straight.

  • Rodney Church

    How cool is it that they’re this comfortable with each other :) sweet

  • Will Glitzern

    I knew this jock in college and he had a TV attached to the bunk above him. He and another straight guy would lay there in their underwear and watch TV together.

  • Kevin Sterrett

    Those are awesome pictures! I love it!

  • Bailey-Quin Taylor

    Cute. But there’s nothing “bro” about any of them.

  • Brian Smith

    *snort* Id love to have/see that type of brotherly love, but those boys are all either gay, or just models pretending to be.

  • Charles Sherwood Morrill

    99 percent of these photos are staged so I can’t give the article itself much validity

  • Stacey Koch

    Well, that’s enough to warm my heart for the current Winter.

  • Jerry Anderson

    Okay, I’m guilty of this as well But alcohol had played a major part of it I suppose. It was college ???

  • Doni Padilla

    Adorable Calgarian couple. 20th picture @karstenwayne

  • Paul Müller

    This one is missing, sooo sweet ;))

  • blkluvla

    @TerrenM: Yeah, amazing how white and exclusionary Queerty is.

  • blkluvla

    @TerrenM: White-centricity has been brought up before to Queerty but they seem uninterested in doing anything about it.

  • Marylou Porter

    Love that plnk pillow, and the green pants!!

  • Teri Reasons

    Not just a pink pillow it looks like a hello kitty pink pillow

  • Chance Russell

    cackles, “so, hot muscle boys need to huddle up for warmth during a blizzard!?”

  • Marky

    “Bro” <– ROFL.

  • riain

    @Evji108: Seems you are the delusional one with an immature and ignorant knowledge of the human male .

  • riain

    @Evji108: Seems you are the delusional one, with an immature and ignorant knowledge of the human male.

  • AdamNichols

    These aren’t “bros” these are just couples cuddling.

  • silveroracle

    @Billy Budd: It’s so beautiful to look at.
    I love the one of the two bears cuddling and the squadie on the train.

  • tusgold


  • Roberto

    Are these guys Gays? Some of than are gay actors, isn’t it?

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