The Underwear Models Of The “Drag Race” Pit Crew Now Have Their Own Miniseries

tumblr_n1er1tn2cS1qd4e1go1_500The impressive new budget for RuPaul‘s Drag Race season 6 has afforded Ru the chance to double the pit crew in size—making their debut alongside familiar pit crew babes Shawn Morales and Jason Carter in last week’s premiere episode were Simon Sherry Wood and Miles Davis Moody, two underwear models that did a fantastic job staring into space during the Queens’ first main challenge.

The half-naked pit crew have historically been on hand for aesthetic purposes only (save that one acting challenge), but this season, they’re getting their own behind-the-scenes, “too hot for TV” weekly web series called Oh Pit Crew.

In the first episode below, the strapping men strike sickening poses for celebrity photographer Mike Ruiz while jumping into a vat of RuPaul’s old foam hip pads. Take note of the gratuitous bulge closeups.

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  • Louis

    With a bigger budget, I’m surprised their prize package is so small compared to previous seasons. Any one has answers on this?

  • sportyguy1983

    It goes to show that they’ll make a TV show about the most ridiculous things.

  • Apparatus

    No one wants to hear them speak, they’re just mannequins with a pulse. And there’s better bulges all over The Internets.

  • Grrrowler

    @sportyguy1983: Male bulges are not ridiculous, at least to me. I for one would like to see more of them on TV. In fact, an entire show with nothing but crotch bulges would not be too much!

  • redcarpet

    I want to see the photos!

  • Cam

    Project Runway did this for a few seasons, called “Models of the Runway” it wasn’t bad, this might be funny, who knows. RuPaul is the one good show that Logo has so I’ll give something associated with it a look.

  • redcarpet

    OH please, any of you would be thanking god to have any of these guys. Absolute perfection is neither required nor desired.

  • SF Native

    They remind me of a lot of the guys at my gym who run around thinking they are all that when in fact they are just kind of average. Nothing wrong with the way they look, they are so/so attractive, depending on ones taste, but I would not say that they are really hot.

  • litper

    Drag Race is a homophobic show of Trans activist with pro-hetero agenda

  • Matthew Tharrett

    @litper: Care to elaborate?

  • Spike

    Why no asian guy in the mix?


    Sean can jump in my foam pit any day!


    Did Anyone Notice ABSOLUT is Not A Sponsor This Time. I Though Maybe They Would Be Cutting Down On The Drinking In The Untucked And Gold Lounges But When The Ladys Went To The Lounge The Drinks Were There Ready To Go. That Could Be Why The Budget Has Been Trimmed. Also Every Year They Have Has A Different Cosmetic Company I Sometime Wonder Why That Is.


    @SF Native: If You Noticed The Pit Crew is sponsored My SCRUFF this year. So You will see more guys with more hair on their bodies and faces Then On past years. Most Of The Past Years The Pit Crews Were Shaved Clean ALL OVER and oiled up. It Is Nice To See Guys That Are All Shapes And Sizes On The Pit Crew

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