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They’re Casting a Will & Grace Reality Show. They Should be Casting Jack & Karen

News that a production company is casting for a real-life Will & Grace — that hopes to “explore the fabulously iconic relationships that only a gay man and his best female friend share” — is really just a reminder that there are no new ideas; everything must be a reality TV show; and gay stereotypes are alive, well, and still exploitable.

If you’re interested in applying, there’s a Gmail address you can send a headshot to (but don’t say we didn’t warn you). And while the casting notice rattles off a few criteria (be older than 21 but look younger than 45; based in NYC), here are a few of Queerty‘s own reality casting tips:

• Be bitchy. Producers love bitchy.
• The straight girl should be in love with the gay guy. The gay guy should always be willing to ditch the girl for a trick.
• The straight girl should secretly hate herself but find temporary comfort in the arms of men who reinforce her insecurities. The gay guy should enjoy “copious amounts” of alcoholic beverages.

But what Doron Ofir Casting (the same company that put together Antonio Sabato Jr.’s hit list) misses entirely is that neither Will nor Grace were the best parts of the long-running NBC program; Jack and Karen were the real draws. The best episodes were those that pushed Will’s forever-without-love storyline aside and dropped Grace’s self-absorbed antics and let Jack and Karen’s bitch flags fly.

So screw the Will & Grace reality show. We finally have a chance to cast a real-life Jack & Karen, and make the boring straight-without-the-sex couple the B-list characters, and producers are going to pass this up?

Whatever. If there’s no Rosario, we’re not watching.

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