This Cute Doctor Wants To Rock Your World With His New Wonder Condom

untitled_shoot-374“Imagine if we could make a condom that you couldn’t wait to put on,” Dr. Robert Gorkin (pictured) tells PSFK.com. “Or what if you could make a condom that actually improves sex — how fantastic would that be!?”

Gorkin and a team of researchers at the University of Wollongong are currently working to develop a new type of pleasure-enhancing condom that he claims could revolutionize sexual health the whole world over.

“Lack of sensation is a well documented attribute that condoms have been associated with them and one we are trying to overcome,” says Gorkin. “I have not met anyone that says, ‘oh yeah condoms feel perfect!'”

He hopes to change all that.

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1401932607130Gorkin received a $100,000 grant last summer from none other than Bill Gates to jumpstart his research. The new wonder condoms are made out of hydrogels, the same things used to make contact lenses, and will be self-lubricating, biodegradable, and “skin-like.”

He and his team are now testing to see how the new material compares with traditional latex condoms, mainly whether they offer the same protections and level of safety.

But it doesn’t stop there. Gorkin says he also wants to find ways the wonder condoms absolutely irresistible. His solution? Pleasuring-enhancing pharmaceuticals built into the material that would have magical effects on the penis.

“We can potentially load certain molecules into the condom itself,” says Gorkin, but did not elaborate further.

No word yet on when the wonder condoms may become available.

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