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This Doesn’t Make Idol‘s Danny Gokey a Homophobe, Right?

Right now, even the eliminated American Idol contestants are rehearsing for Tuesday and Wednesday’s big finale shows. Michael Sarver was recording the weekend’s antics, and took his camera over to Danny Gokey, who was kicked off last week. But even with the eliminations, everybody is still buds. Gokey even says so. No homo!

Nodding toward Sarver, Gokey says, “I love this boy to pieces … in the right— in the godly way.”

Looks like Adam Lambert’s presence is rubbing over some politically correctness.

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  • slider

    Well you can add Michael Sarver right along with Danny The Homophobe since Sarver provided the wording to Danny the Kiss Ass with no talent… least the two most talented singers ended in the final and both have different talents so its all good…either way both will successful and Adam will be wildly successful…..Someone might want to remind Gokey and Sarver that God made all of us and He even made amongst us those of us who are Gay and God Loves all His Children….what happened to that we shall not judge each other….clearly these two do judge those of us who are Gay…..oh well, at least we got to Judge them and vote them off with their lack of talent!

  • D-Sun

    At least he didn’t scream this time.

  • fab3

    S L O W newsday, huh QUEERTY? This was pointless and so non homophobic…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • dgz

    clearly Sarver’s fault. i’m done bashing the Gokester since he no longer stands in Glambert’s way.

  • emb

    Sorry, Fab3, but saying he loves Sarver “in the right way” before correcting to “the godly way” (which isn’t any better, really), is just a slip of the christian tongue that shows what he really thinks: That the way that I love another man is “wrong”. And that little display of self-righteous judgmentalism is textbook homophobia.

    But I agree: covering an ex-Idol contestant’s homohpobia is pretty pointless.

  • sal(the original)

    i hate them…in the godly way…and “no offense”

    im learning how to do it from the christian right!!lol

  • Aaron

    @sal(the original): I don’t hate Christians, I just don’t agree with that lifestyle choice.

  • sal(the original)

    @Aaron: lol

  • Landon Bryce

    @Aaron: Love the Christian, hate the Christianity!

  • Nickadoo

    He’s already “apologized.”

    Just want to say to those offended by this video that I am sorry you were offended. I did not intend that. In a world where I love u between guys can mean more then one thing we just wanted to clarify the status of our relationship. It had nothing to do with passing judgement.

    Y’know… not sorry for what he said. Sorry that any of you were offended by it.

    So to anyone who has ever been hurt when I kicked them in the balls, I just want to say that I’m sorry you got hurt. That wasn’t my intention.

  • mb00

    @sal(the original): @Aaron: I dunno guys. We all know that people aren’t born Christian, it’s a choice.
    I’m sure they can control their urges to practice Christianity.

  • passerby

    Who cares. *yawn*
    Everyone has different beliefs. There are people that don’t agree with homosexuality. Just means they have a different belief – doesn’t mean they’re a homophobe. You can disagree with the act of being homosexual without being judgemental or discriminating, just as you can disagree with those who practice Christianity without hating.
    Last time I checked this was a free country and people were allowed to believe or do what they want – free will and all. When did that change?

  • Queerky

    Let him return to his basement apartment. I wish him peace as he spends his days reading Christian comic books and watching Startrek re-runs. And I forgive him for letting his hand slip as he stares at the naked male torso on the crucifix over his bed.

  • Tony

    Another sore LOSER dissin’ da gays. ” No homo.” How hip-hop circa 2005. Yawn. Tarded loser. These douches make me feel less than fresh.

  • matt

    Hope none of the commenters here ever have a camera on them 24/7. Sometimes people just say stuff that comes out wrong with no hate or ill-will intended. Obviously peeps are just looking for another reason to keep spewing hate at Gokey. I’m as gay as Rembrand Weakland (and that’s tres gay), but what the hell? I could care less about what they said cuz it was evident they weren’t saying anything…

  • Landon Bryce

    @matt: Ummm. . . he chose this particular clip to post to his MySpace page. This is not a case of someone being a victim of a camera being on him all the time. This is someone choosing an insensitive moment with a friend and broadcasting it.

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