This Gay Cover Of Christina Aguilera’s “Say Something” Will Make You Feel Things

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 8.18.40 AMWhen Christina Aguilera teamed up with pop duo A Great Big World to sing their downtempo breakup ballad “Say Something,” our collective hearts melted into a mushy jello consistency.

That whole “feeling things” phenomenon is happening all over with this gorgeous gay cover of the haunting song by Michele Grandinetti. He told Queerty that in the song he’s channeling the idea that “we should never be ashamed of, or feel guilty about loving.”

Anyone who’s ever gone through a breakup may want a box of tissues handy.

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  • Paul Nadolski

    I was (and still am) in love with someone who just couldn’t let himself love me back…I had to give up on him, and it still hurts.

  • Kieru

    Bad title is bad Queerty.

    The song, as you correctly note in the content of your story, is by A Great Big World. It existed long before Christina Aguilera asked to work with them on the song though admittedly it did gain popularity. Even so … she’s the ‘extra’ in the song.

    It’s not her song, she’s merely an accessory to it.

  • Intermors

    I came here just to say the exact same thing you did. Not very good research done on this before it was allowed to be posted.
    It is prudent to give credit where it is due.

  • Hannah

    Well, I fell in love with “Say Something” watching Ian and Mickey fanvids on youtube. There are quite a few. It is so powerful. This video is exquisite as well.

  • J. B.

    Shhh. Queerty doesn’t want you to know that. It distracts from their obvious attempt to lift her up as a “gay icon”.

  • enlightenone

    @Paul Nadolski: This happens to the most loving of us. True love can be too powerful for some to embrace. Stay open and the love you deserve will find its way back to you! Until then, give to the world. The world can never have enough love. Peace.

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