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This Is How Fab.com’s Publicist Is Pitching The Site: Gays Are Stressed!

Oh god, this is awful. I hope investors at Jason Goldberg’s rebranded Fab.com aren’t actually paying for a publicist to pitch the media like this. Except, they are! This pitch came from a real, live publicist! It’s not just that the premise is terrible — “Gays are stressed, so let me tell you how a social network, with all its gizmos and whatsits, can make life less stressful” — but do we really need to create the false concern that the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is making San Francosci homosexuals agoraphobic? I’d like to know how many bits I need to pay to make these emails stop coming to my inbox.

With the recent developments of “Don’t Ask and Don’t Tell” being repealed and the discrimination case in a European bed and breakfast involving a single-sex married couple, the gay community is on alert. In fact, there is a lot of anxiety associated with venturing out of gay friendly cities such as San Francisco and New York.

Last week, Jason Goldberg, founder of Fab.com, rebranded and introduced new features to his site, which is a cross between Facebook and Yelp, specifically tailored for gay men. I thought this information would be useful to your readers.

Jason can discuss the pressures that drove him to create the site and what Fab.com has to offer the gay population. I hope to hear from you soon!

You can hope all you want.

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  • j

    There are so much more worrying problems gay men have than one british bnb refusing entry (yes,I live in britain) and the repeal of dont ask dont tell (!!! Is this a problem?? Why is it framed that way???). But then again, those don’t make a good read, they’re too depressing. So why not focus on the positives and do some actual work (writing about the positives and making them sound interesting is ultimately more rewarding but a lot harder)? This is a very bad publicity drive. Also face book is pretty damn gay. If you know how to read between the lines people’s sexuality is a given on fb. Do we need fab? Still, I think queerty (and JD, no less) are just being bitchy because a gay publication (a potential rival!1!1!111111) had the nerve to contact THEM. I mean really.

  • silverlakeguy

    With Grindr, Scruff, Facebook, Gaydar et al…that last thing we need is another social media site. I think Fab should cut the losses and fold. There is little time as it is in the day for another social site.

  • amber

    For a site that doesn’t have a stupid point er I mean “fab dollar” system and/or doesn’t SPAM their users…BUT has good high end design deals try layoutsf.com because we are doing it right for you guys!!!

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