This Is What Happens When You Send Money To The American Family Association Using The Harvey Milk Stamp

The American Family Association isn’t about to descend from the imaginary peaks of its moral high ground for a few bucks.

Testing out the organization’s boundaries, a reader of the blog Wonkette, “TK,” sent a $10 donation in an envelope stamped with Harvey Milk.


And I suppose it’s good they refused the letter — if an organization is going to spew antigay bile they should at least actually believe in their nonsensical ramblings. Even when offered a crisp Hamilton.

Then again, Hamilton did set up the National Bank (socialist) and was pushed to resign following an embarrassing extramarital affair (sodomite).

OK, it was only a check for $10 in the envelope, but you never know.

Here’s what TK had to say:

I thought their credibility could be purchased for $10. If only they’d set their non-gay pride aside, they could have purchased 22 non-Harvey Milk stamps with that much.

Doesn’t the AFA care for the patriotic civic servants at the USPS? Those who had to walk this poor Harvey Milk envelope back to me in a socialistic manner? The LEAST the AFA could have done was put another stamp on it to pay the offending donation back to me. Perhaps with the Anita Bryant stamp?

The AFA had previously vowed to boycott the entire USPS over the Milk stamp, though somehow we doubt they’d turn down a donation from a never-gonna-happen stamp with Bryant’s sorry mug.


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  • mcflyer54

    I sent them a Harvey Milk stamped letter using their address as both the recipient and the returnee. If they refused it then it was sent back to them as the sender. However, if they again attempted to refuse it the mail piece would have gone to the U S Mail Recovery Center (aka: Dead Letter Office) in Atlanta Georgia where they would open it and try to determine the original sender. Well, what the recovery center would have found, assuming it got there, upon opening it was a single piece of paper stating “TEST MAIL – If found please return to American Family Association, PO Box 2440, Tupelo KS 38803-2440 – THANK YOU FOR YOUR ASSISTANCE.” The MRC would then return it in a plastic bag (along with the Harvey Milk stamped envelope) to AFA.

  • ridgelineranger

    @mcflyer54 Perhaps it didn’t get to where you intended because AFA in in Tupelo Mississippi, NOT Kansas. The zip code 38803 is a Tupelo Ms zip code. I know this because I live in the 38804 zip code area…for now. Many locals straight and LGBT think AFA are a bunch of assholes.

  • mcflyer54

    @ridgelineranger: As Rick Perry would say “Oops”. I had the right address for the letter I just typed it wrong when posting here. But either way the zip+4 would have gotten it there even with the wrong state (I work for the post office and the zip is how automation sorts – so if you’re not sure of a zip code leave it off don’t guess because it will go to whatever the zip is first). But thanks.

  • mcflyer54

    Kind of makes you wonder how many little old ladies got their donations back because they didn’t know about the stupid stamp restriction. Maybe they’ll think AFA went out of business and won’t send them any more money.. That would be sweet.

  • masc4masc

    And in other news…the sky is blue. Why are u guys even sending letters and money to this organization to begin with?

  • Roan

    What about using another antigay org as the return address for some round robin bigot fun? Or is that some sort of postal felony? Or use a window envelope with the money clearly visible. Hilarious!

  • Dakotahgeo

    @mcflyer54: Excellent! Absolutely excellent, especially the the “Tupelo, KS” part.

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