Oh Father

This New Web Series Will Help You Indulge Your Daddy Issues

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The DaddyHunt app connects eager young pups with daddies on demand, and they’ve come up with a sexy new serial webseries to promote it.

Daddyhunt: The Serial was originally posted in 1:30-ish increments on the DaddyHunt Facebook page, and now they’ve combined the episodes into seven-and-a-half minutes of romance, a cute young pup, and a totally DILF-y neighbor who may or may not really be a handyman.

It’s totally sexy and a great step in viral marketing for an industry that seems to get more saturated by the day. Your move, Grindr.

There’s enough eye candy for lovers of Daddies and boys alike, and there’s enough sweetness to go around with a hint of scheming and sleaze.

Check out the whole thing below, and try to keep the drool away from your keyboard. Well done, Daddies.

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  • DDstar1me

    Soooo…this is just soft core porn then? …or?

  • Glücklich

    Cute idea. Sexy guys, especially the “ex.”

    1. Don’t shit where you eat, i.e. don’t fuck anyone who lives in your building – or at least not on your floor.
    2. DON’T PLAY STUPID FUCKING GAMES FOR CHRISSAKES! Know what’s better than “adorable”? Sexy. Know what’s sexy? BEING STRAIGHT-FUCKIN’-FORWARD!

  • Stached1

    No thanks.

  • Jaye Hernandez

    It’s so awesome need more !!

  • Stevie Chanton Keo

    I loved it so much and the daddy was SEXYLICIOUS!!! ??????????

  • jack dixon

    Very Attractive cast, nice light romcom, Why can’t LOGO have something like this on?
    So sick of reruns and Ru’paul’s Hag race. They actually seem like real normal gay folk

  • Alan down in Florida

    What would classify this as soft core pawn? Did I miss something?

  • thickie

    The cub is so adorable. Kind of looks like a younger version of Chris Pratt…

  • Glücklich

    More of the ex, please. Hubba hubba.

  • spiffy

    In real life, where most of us live, men who look like these guys already have boyfriends or partners.


  • Tim Winfred

    Totally worth a watch! <3 :)

  • darkanser

    The DILF and his ex were super delicious. But I’ll take the REAL handyman…..;-)

  • darkanser

    @thickie: Yeah, now that you mention he does look a little like Chris Pratt!!!

  • Captain Obvious

    @jack dixon: That’s about all I gathered from this is it would make a cute tv show.

  • Nik Stewert

    Christiano Villareal check this.. ;)

  • dustashed

    damn i was ready to cringe while watching this.. but I actually.. kinda.. Like it lol

    I hate myself for saying this but yeah, no matter how cheesy it was.. I loved it and it made my warm and fuzzy like a Nicholas Sparks movie.

  • Jonathan26

    That was GREAT!

  • TVC 15

    This was better than “Looking.”

  • Mykey

    @spiffy: And in real life, most handy men don’t look like that and not all gay guys have super buff bodies!

  • Dorian Prince

    This was a fun watch. What a great idea. It should definitely be a show on LOGO.

  • Stlmonarch53

    I love this little mini series. I am sure there are many of us out here who do! PLEASE develop it and provide more. I love the romantic nature of it yet still edgy. Wish there were more of this kind of gay genre for us to view. Both men are handsome and vulnerable. Great little feature film. St Louis romantic guy here !

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