Thomas Beatie Release Memoir, Predictably

We knew it was coming and now it’s hear: childbearing trans man Thomas Beatie finally published his memoir, the appropriately entitled Labor of Love: The Story of One Man’s Extraordinary Pregnancy. Here’s a snippet of the description:

Labor of Love chronicles Thomas Beatie’s unique life experiences: his less-than-idyllic childhood in Hawaii; his transition from female to male; his marriage to his wife, Nancy; his legal battles to live as a man; his fight to conceive a child; and the birth of their daughter, Susan, in late June. Labor of Love is a groundbreaking book because it tackles social, political, and legal questions about gender, marriage, and family. Thomas and Nancy’s uphill battle to have a baby is both fascinating and touching. They are a normal couple who wanted a family, and yet the circumstances surrounding their desire to get pregnant and their journey to get there are truly extraordinary.

And astoundingly marketable!

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  • No 4

    We all knew this was coming. I am surpised there is not a DVD bonus with the birth of the child. I have recently been looking into transgender and their struggles. This story brought them into a small 15 seconds of fame but then I think it confused people…why would you want to be a man and then get pregnant? I think it did more harm than good. There are a lot of other sucessful transgender stories out there that would have had a positive impact on that community.

  • Byron Beck

    Thomas was pretty open to the press when his AMAZING first person story first broke in The Advocate.
    But then he stopped returning emails.
    Now that he pretty much ignored us all so he could give his story to oprah, people and the BBC, does he really think we will all be waiting in line to buy his book and interview him (btw is this a new publisher..i thought his publisher had dropped him).
    I don’t think so.

  • Nickthekick

    Once again the media using our community to sell time. This poor woman. Yes, Woman. Only women can make and have babies. That “Thomas” wants to look like an ugly guy, is her business. Why anyone paid attention to this dumb story or would buy the book is beyond me.

  • someone

    One word: ABOMINATION

  • Okie

    I’ll wait for the Lifetime Movie version of the book.

  • Dora Ratquila

    I feel disturbed by the hateful comments I have read so far. I think Thomas had already clarified for getting pregnant – as his wife is unable to. Secondly, Thomas is far from ugly. He’s cute as a man. Why he chose to “look like a man” is something that non-transexuals will never completely comprehend. Ergo, non-transexuals have the least credibility to question his motives.

  • kevin

    You’re right NICKTHEKICK – ugly people, transgender or otherwise, should just shut up and go hide away somewhere. Their stories couldn’t possible be interesting, important or even HUMAN. Only pretty/handsome homo sapiens should be considered HUMAN. Thank you for your bravery in stating this fundamental truth! Moron…….

  • someone

    Kevin, you forgot “homos” in your list of people who should just shut up and go hide away somewhere. (This statement is not intended as sarcasm-just wanted that to be clear.)

  • lyssa

    okay…one step forward for the trans rights thing.

    Three steps back for the cheesey commercialism.

    I am waiting for the Thomas Beattie Action figure. You squeeze the belly, and a faggy, FtM voice says:
    “Guys in testosterone addled women’s bodies can have babies, too.”
    “Why should trans women be the only ones to have Jerry Springer style lives?”
    “Merchandising our lives is fun and profitable, but not in that order.”

    The really sad part is, that I will probably buy the lunch box when it comes out, and maybe even the “pregnant man” board game, too.

    This is a dark, but comedic day in trans history. Beattie should be mocked mercilessly for his crass commercialism of trans lives.

  • Justin

    I can’t believe that people actually take this phony conwoman seriously!

  • eef

    i think it’s great everyone has the right to have a child straight gay transgender that doesn’t matter if the child is growing up in a loving home thats important

  • hm

    By all means he is considered a man, get over it. I think it is interesting and it just shows how narrow minded and ignorant some people are because they all came out of the woodworks when he became a man.

  • hm

    I mean pregnant not man…

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