Those Fabulous Mutants


The bitches over at Defamer tipped us off to this little X-men doozy. Seems Ian McKellen and Hugh Jackman had a little sub textual spat during a Sci-Fi Channel round table interview. Obviously, and we’re sure the first director Bryan Singer will back us up here, “mutants” is synonymous with “gay.” At least that’s what Sir Ian thinks.

“There are people who think gay people can be cured,” said McKellen (Magneto), who has spoken publicly about his own homosexuality. “My reaction to the idea that I can be cured as a mutant is as contemptuous as my view of people who say I need curing of my sexuality. The idea that black people could take a pill that would cure them of being black is abhorrent to me.”

But Jackman, who some say might have a very large closet at home, responded:

Hugh Jackman, who plays Wolverine, took the other side, pointing out that there are other characters for whom the cure is more attractive. “Rogue [Anna Paquin], as amazingly powerful as she is, lives a potentially very lonely life,” said Jackman. “Never being able to touch anyone, never being able to have a physical relationship, never able to have children. Now, as politically abhorrent as something like the cure is, it’s also humanely, socially, incredibly understandable that a character like that would take it.”

To which McKellen responded:

“It isn’t necessarily her mutancy that’s the problem,” McKellen shot back. “It’s other people’s reaction to it. Maybe it’s society that’s wrong, not her.”

Oh, SNAP! Of course, now this makes us want to see X3 even more just to see the nasty looks Sir Ian throws Hugh’s way.

X3 Stirs Cast Emotions
[Sci Fi Wire via Defamer]

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