Though Westboro Baptist Is Skipping 9-Year-Old’s Funeral, It’s Hitting Up The Rest

A little clarification on the Westboro Baptist Church agreeing not to protest the funeral of 9-year-old Christina Taylor Green on Saturday: In exchange for two radio interviews (one in Toronto, one in Canada) the Phelps clan won’t demonstrate near the youngest Safeway shooting victim’s service, but it does plan on protesting the funerals of the five other victims, including federal judge John Roll, as well as show up near the Safeway to wave its signs around. UPDATE: Now it appears they won’t protest Roll’s funeral because they got airtime on the Mike Gallagher Show on KXXT-AM in Arizona. And with that, let’s roll the CGI footage:

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  • Franky

    “One in Toronto, One in Canada”? Toronto is in Canada so how does that make any sense?

  • ewe

    The police probably got through to those inbred shitloads that there will be plenty of people who have guns on them.

  • Steve

    I’d much rather them spew idiocay over the air than disrupt the funerals of a respected American government official or the funeral of an innocent little girl who undoubtedly did not deserve to meet her untimely death.

    Of course, them spontaneously combusting right now would be most preferred.

  • dra

    One in Toronto and One in Canada eh?

    Is this website some sort of high school project?

  • Loree

    Of the ppnaoly of website I’ve pored over this has the most veracity.

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