Thought of the Day: Ben Summerskill

“It’s conspicuous that Prince Harry has expressed regret for his racist remarks, but not yet for his homophobic ones. Working as Stonewall now does with staff of all three armed services, we know that this sort of low-level insult does have an impact on operational effectiveness. We trust that the Prince will act very swiftly to offer an appropriate apology, in particular to those lesbian and gay personnel currently on active duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.” — Ben Summerskill, chief executive of U.K equality organization Stonewall on the video which surfaced in which the Prince asked whether his fellow officers were ‘queer on the side’.

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  • Ben

    Isn’t this the same Prince Harry who wore a Nazi uniform to costum party a couple of years ago? The House of Windsor, never known to be an intellectual bunch, clearly has their hands full with this young fella. One suspects that bigotry still finds safe harbor in the British aristocrisy, but they should have the good sense to keep their prejudice to themselves.

  • kevin

    It’s very clear that the grandparents raised these children. Prince Harry is a carbon-copy of the Duke of Edinburgh, whose royal foot continues to reside in his mouth year-round.

  • petted

    To be fair to Harry I had a friend who was indian who would frequently use derogatory words about indians, of course he was doing it as a joke – he really seemed to get a kick out of making people uncomfortable. I’m not saying that this was the case with here but assuming a malicious intent… it can’t be easy growing up and having to be politically correct and the model of decorum the entire time. Granted I don’t really follow the royals much, and Harry is an adult now so its time for him to take his position as a public figure seriously.

  • Edd

    I live in England and was surprised to read that Harry had also used homophobic language as that was not widely reported at all but then thats the british media for you which largely ignores gay issues unless there too big to do so, or are scandalous celeb type stories

  • sparkle obama

    why is that offensive to ask your friend if he is “queer on the side”?

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