Tired Old Queen At the Movies Gushes On Sunday Bloody Sunday

Tired of the crap NetFlix recommends? (Osmosis Jones? No thank you!) Enter Tired Old Queen At the Movies, a web series hosted by Steve Hayes (whose actual age is a mystery). Hayes, an actor you may recall from Trick and The Big Gay Musical, loves recommending vintage films you’ve never seen but totally should. Some of these movies Steve saw during their original release, others are classic gems from the early days of Hollywood. And he’s so enthusiastic about it all that “tired” is hardly an accurate adjective to describe his affectionate rantings. It like spending six minutes in a film class taught by the groovy gay uncle you never had.

In episode #79, he hard-sells 1971’s awesome Sunday, Bloody Sunday. He swoons with a diva-crush on star Glenda Jackson, delivers some history about gay director John Schlesinger and remembers his own hetero friends’ reaction to the film’s then-shocking man-on-man makeout scene. And Hayes isn’t alone in his admiration for the film—it was nominated for four Oscars, including Best Actor (Peter Finch), Best Actress (Glenda Jackson), Best Director (John Schlesinger), and Best Original Screenplay (Penelope Gilliatt and David Sherwin).

Meanwhile, we owe Steve 78 apologies for not spreading his cinema-loving gospel earlier. It won’t happen again.

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  • andy

    Just streamed SBS last night on NETFLIX. What a weird movie. One scene is of toddlers smoking pot while the babysitter (glenda) watches. The bi character is an artist and looking at what passed for Art is pretty interesting and reminds me that not much changes in the art world.

  • Henry

    He has gray hair. Can’t be that much of a mystery. =D

  • gregger

    I’ve known Steve for almost 20 years. He’s always had grey hair even when he was a young queen.

  • gherkin

    Wish he would reminisce about his days in old Hollywood, especially during the time when the talkies first came out.

  • alan Balehead

    what a classic! a great film! very mature….

  • Adman

    He has a really cool site, I love it when reading Queerty pays off.

  • Lefty

    Trick is one of my favourite films.
    Thanks for posting this, Queerty.

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