Tom Daley Sandwiches Russel Tovey, Neil Patrick Harris Gets Drunk, Zac Efron’s New Bromance & More!

Celebrities! They’re just like us! They binge drink, take selfies, fall down ski slopes and ride airplanes—isn’t it amazing?

Scroll down to check out the shenanigans some of our favorite gay (and gay-ish) celebrities have been up to this week:

Olympic cutie/teenage demigod Tom Daley snuggled close with boyfriend Dustin Lance Black in the couple’s second (here’s the first) unabashed selfie on Instagram this week. We’re glad to finally see these two in the same frame—it was only a week ago that they were teasing us with double updates!


A recently single Madonna is skiing! The Material Girl took to the slopes (and fell on her ass!) in Switzerland this week, but still looked stunning in a rather fashionable getup. Young Rocco is also enjoying the vacay, albeit in much less clothing.

Scratch that! Madonna is no longer single. The 55-year-old is reportedly dating 26-year-old dancer Timor Steffens, whom she celebrated New Year’s Eve with at a private bash in Switzerland.

Neil Patrick Harris is getting some much-needed R&R in Mexico before his next big Broadway stint in March. The jokester documented a hilarious “drinking binge” on Instagram this week.

Bottoms up!


Photos of Tom Daley and One Direction cutie Harry Styles sandwiching Looking star Russell Tovey are more relevant now after Russell revealed a coming-out conversation he had with Tom back in the day. (Yes, we know the photo is from 2012.) Quick! First person to comment “not another Tom Daley post” gets a cookie!


A dapper Ricky Martin walks his insanely fashionable five-year-old twins Matteo and Valentino through LAX just days after announcing a split from longtime boyfriend Carlos Gonzalez Abella. [Photo: Daily Mail]

Daytime drag impresario Richard Simmons is decorating his Facebook feed again! He makes a very convincing Psycho Janet Leigh, no?

Why hasn’t this man judged an episode of Drag Race yet? As one commenter put it, “This picture is so fabulous my head almost exploded.”


That Awkward Moment stars Zac Efron and Michael B. Jordan were having a ton of bromantic moments at the People’s Choice Awards this week. We’re here for you if you need us, boys.


They’d make a cute couple, right? Too bad Michael isn’t into the whole man-on-man thing.

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    Not another…Matthew Tharrett post ;p

    Got my milk ready

  • Stache1

    Editor..get any posts you can where you can fit in Tom Daley. Lets see..hmmm Hey, Tom takes allot of selfies so lets feature a celebrity selfies today.

    Good for Madonna though. Interestingly, they both have the same lips. Must go to the same Plastic Surgeon.

  • Spike

    Well about time there is a Tom Daley post!!!!!

  • Caleb in SC

    God forbid anything should happen to Tom Daley — this site would have to close down.

  • alterego1980

    Tom Daley is so alive with natural energy and it comes across in his photos…DLB looks like a tired vampire. Maybe all that 5-hr energy and redbull isn’t enough.

  • Black Pegasus

    I’m so tired of looking at Tom Daley’s goofy face! What is suppose to be so alluring about him anyway?

  • queerty1958

    If I see one more photo spread of Tom Daley I will be unsubscribing to Queerty!

  • stranded

    Overly styled children give me the creeps. I know it’s just clothes and all, but it gives me the same eerie vibe as pageant girls and thier parents.

  • fagburn

    Again, there was no conversation about coming about between Tom Daley and Russell Tovey…

  • offbeatoh86

    How can Neil Patrick Harris have such a twinky body at 40?!

  • TVC 15

    @offbeatoh86: I get the same question all the time. Some of us age slower than others.

    BTW, I never thought of NPH as f*ckable until these two pics. I thought he was cute before, but I didn’t have dirty thoughts about him.

  • Pete

    @alterego1980: Oh God yes!

    Tom’s more than half his age!

    It’s been suggested that DLB is latching on to Tom to hold on to fame. He’s a one-hit wonder. Everything he’s done since ‘Milk’ (not a great movie, imo) has been a fizzle, leading many to speculate that his script for ‘Milk’ as seriously doctored.

  • Pete

    Will somebody please make Richard Simmons disappear?

  • alilly35

    I get so sick of people bad mouthing Tom Daley first the homophobes now the gay community. Come on, he came out cause he thought we will support him. Who cares if he’s all over websites after websites. Personally I rather see him then homophobes. Sorry guys I’m happy he came out and I’ll support him at the end.

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