Trans Day Of Remembrance

Trans Triathlete Chris Mosier: “Visibility Is Powerful”

Hearing stories of violence against transgender people can be overwhelming; Transgender Day of Remembrance reminds me to be strong and to move forward with a purpose. Stories and experiences from strong trans voices create opportunities for awareness, education, and understanding of the lives of transgender people.

The visibility of the transgender community on this day is powerful; I try to carry this into the advocacy work I do as I try to change policies, raise awareness, and increase equality… A growing list of allies is our greatest hope in combating transphobia and shortening the list of names to be read next year.”

—Trans Iron Man competitor Chris Mosier, in an interview with GLAAD

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  • Pao

    It breaks my heart to know what’s happening to trannies all around the country!! May there be fewer transgender names to remember next year.

  • rhenaiya

    I agree that it is heartbreaking and while i appreciate Pao’s sentiment, I’m not big on the word Trannie. It holds some negative stigma and shows a degree of insensitivity or ignorance about transgender folks when people use the term. On a day like today when some compassion and respect for trans people is in order, specifically. Thanks xoxoxo

  • Henry

    The murder of transsexual people everywhere is about as evil and nonsensical as a yellow man calling himself a master, when he’s really just the white man’s dog.

  • G.I. Joe

    @ Henry: You’re crazy.

  • o

    @Henry: It’s almost as absurd as a person calling himself an alpha male, and then having a pathological need to deny evolution.

  • GayGOP

    I am not naive enough to believe that the horrific things that our trans brethren suffer will soon end. I do believe, however, that we can educate people on our trans brethren, and that will begin to reduce the cycles of violence and hatred that trans people are so often the victims of.

  • kylew

    Question – if a male to female transexual enters a sporting event, surely she can’t dop so as a female?

    Respect to Chris Mosier – must be much harder the other direction.

  • Fitz

    @kylew: It depends. When a MTF becomes a pro golfer at 40,
    they say that since she is on hormones, she should only have to compete with the women. But when a FTM becomes a bicyclist or a runner or a swimmer, they say that since they didn’t have the advantage of a lifetime of testosterone, they should get to compete against the women. Either way, the important thing is: screw born-female athletes in the name of being PC.

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