Trans Woman Chrishaun “CeCe” McDonald Sentenced To 41 Months For Slaying Attacker

Today, Minneapolis Judge Daniel Moreno sentenced Chrishaun “CeCe” McDonald to 41 months in prison for stabbing to death a man she claims attacked her and her friends.

McDonald, a black trans woman, initially faced second-degree murder but after accepting a plea bargain, her charges were reduced to second-degree manslaughter due to negligence. She is also to pay $6,410 in restitution.

In June 2011,  McDonald stabbed Dean Schmitz outside Schooner Tavern. In her trial she claimed she acted in self-defense after she and her friends were confronted by Schmitz and a group of people shouting racist and transphobic slurs. At one point, she said, one of Schmitz’s friends smashed a glass on the side of her face.

The trial attracted much attention from LGBT activists nationwide. Stone Butch Blues author Leslie Feinberg, who attended the proceedings sent a letter to ADA Michael Freeman requesting he cease prosecution. “The right of self-defense against all forms of oppressions–the spirit of Stonewall–is at the heart of the demand to free [McDonald],” she wrote.

According to the Trans Youth Support Network, during McDonald’s sentencing hearing community leaders, clergy and McDonald’s family testified to her character and expressed concern for her safety if she was sentenced to a men’s prison, as is likely.

“This is not a resolution to CeCe’s case: she should not be serving time simply for surviving a vicious attack,” said supporter Josina Manu. “But the prosecution felt so much pressure in this high-profile case that they knew they had to offer a less egregious charge than second-degree murder. We’ll stand by CeCe throughout her sentence and after she’s released.”

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  • What a surprise ...

    She got off with a slap on the wrist for murdering someone.

  • Joh

    Hmmm, Schmitz had 3 priors for assault? Sad for CeCe

  • Jabaroo

    Can’t help but feel the first two posters are the same people. Self defense guys, please read the article.

  • Clockwork

    I think it’s a fair sentence. Whole thing could have been avoided, it’s crazy to engage any aggressive person on the street.

    The lesson is -> Get Away, Get Safe, Call Cops

  • Polyboy

    No the real lesson is: be white and your life will be better.

  • What the f**k

    But if it was a gay man defending himself it would be acceptable,HUH? There are some real transphobic ,closed mined waspy queens on here!Some real fascist bitches!I applaud the fact that she was successful in defending herself. She shouldn’t have to go to prison because she did.I don’t hang with you type of queens-so I thought the most of you had died off with clones as a fashion! But…then we got bears as a replacement and here you are!You ,and your type,are the reason I gave up on the notion of “community” long ago. Shrill,desiccated husks of bitches!

  • Shannon1981

    An outrage!CeCe was protecting herself, and she goes to jail?!? And a men’s prison is dangerous for her. This is not justice!

  • What the f**k

    P@What the f**k: For jaykay and what a surprise

  • Ashton

    Neither the killer nor the victim was gay. This is not a gay news story. Why does Queerty think that stories about transsexual killers have something to do with gay people?

  • What the f**k

    @Shannon1981: Exactly,that’s some brutal punishment!…for defending yourself!

  • Shannon1981

    @JayKay: No, SHE was harassed on the street and defended herself.

    And show some respect and use the correct pronouns.

  • Drew

    Shannon-This person is a man/she male. Yes they did get off with a slap on the wrist since it’s murder and not self defense. As for going into a men’s prison karma is a bitch.

  • Shannon1981

    @Drew: She is a transgender woman. The word “she male” is an offensive, transphobic term used in pornography that exploits trans women. Transgender women are women. The transphobia in the gay community is amazing.

  • Matt

    What people are forgetting is a man is deceased at the hands of another human being! Whether the murder is white/black/Hispanic or otherwise! The accused needs to prove their innocence and/or pay the consequences! This man had a family! What I don’t understand is why Ce-Ce McDonald is acting as a victim when a man was killed and He/She hasn’t said one thing about remorse or any feelings about the incident! There seems to be more Denial and sympathy for Ce-Ce and nothing for the family that is in mourning.for their loved one!

    Transgender activists often confuse being loud, obnoxious, and insulting, as effective tactics in persuasion. It is sad to watch a group of folks who deserve to live their lives freely, continue to latch onto the wrong causes at the wrong time.

    All of McDonald’s supporters would probably get more credit if they didn’t hurl insults at everyone that doesn’t automatically agree with them. Looking at this string of comments and how people are responding, it makes a lot of sense to dismiss her supporters as heavily biased and irrational.

  • Tyler

    McDonald and her friends had a choice. They could continue walking down the road and ignore the insults, turn around and go home, or make the physical effort to cross the street and escalate the situation. Self-defense is reserved for people in fear for their lives and with no other choice. Insulting me isn’t going to change that.

    Shannon-You’re a perfect example of “POORME” or professional victim syndrome!! If everyone needed as much attention as YOU..There would be a freaking circus act in every alley!

  • Mike

    For one thing, Killing someone because of name-calling, or making fun of is just crazy!!! I don’t think Dean should be the one on trail here!! Dean did not even know that CeCe was a t r a n n y! The fight started with a stupid bitch that likes to run her mouth!! She should be sitting behind bars as well! If people can go around crying “I’m Black! I’m Transgender” OR even I’m Albino!! Then stab people around town….I sure would not want my kids walking in that neighborhood!! In other words…How safe do you feel if you don’t let a killer know they have consequences for their actions? You let this one go and whats NEXT????

  • Tomas

    Shannon I know ts/tg “women” who freely use the terms she male and trany so they’re not slurs at all.

    TS/TG women can claim that they are women but biologically and physically they are male since that’s what they were born.

  • Shannon1981

    @JayKay: She is a transgender woman.

    @Tomas: Birth sex does not= gender. Basic transgender 101. And the fact that they use it does not give non trans people that right.

  • Shannon1981

    @Tyler: You are the perfect example of pandering to heteronormative society, wanting to ignore hate crimes and hate speech.

  • Tomas

    Clockwork thanks for the link.

    I also do not agree that it was self defense at all.

  • Chris

    @What the f**k: It is comments like this that make the trans community look unreasonable, reactionary, and out of touch. No one said it would be ok for a gay man as compared for a trans individual, you said that. Then you proceed to make references to queens, think everyone had died out, and then something unintelligible about bears.

    So next time you wonder why you don’t get respect from the community, or you don’t feel your issues are taken seriously, you can take a look at your own comments, because you make yourself easy to dismiss.

  • Chris

    @Shannon1981: The correct response to speech, regardless of how hateful is never violence.

  • Clockwork

    Hey Matt and Tyler you are busted:

    You are posting the exact text of comments from the City Pages article:
    Nice try, but I am not fooled.

  • Shannon1981

    @Chris: Perhaps not. However, do we know that the dead man didn’t attack CeCe and her friends? No, we do not know that. Trans women walking alone have every reason to believe someone shouting hateful slurs will do them bodily harm. Just look up the murder stats for trans women of color for Exhibit A.

  • JayKay


    He is a man.

    A sick, unstable man and a murderer who deserves to rot in prison.

  • Mick

    Welcome to the world of magical thinking when it comes to Transwomen and their genitals and gender identity!

    Just because a TS/TG “woman” wants to claim that they’re actually female or biologically female this does not make it true. They’re born male and are genetically and biologically male no matter how much elective cosmetic surgery they get or how many hormones they take.

  • Shannon1981

    You guys are totally transphobic. I’ll listen to the many medical groups over a bunch of people on a blog about this issue any day.

  • Paulo

    Shannon-Trans people are NOT a part of the larger bisexual, gay, and lesbian community.

    People here are wondering why you’re defending this psychopath? What he/she did was NOT self defense at all.

    I have been called homophobic names and even punched but I didn’t attack anyone like this psycho in the article did.

  • What the f**k

    @Matt: ?What exactly do you know that hasn’t been reported on.This fine upstanding nazi white trash with the drugs in his system and the history of criminal convictions ….. is that really what you’re on here defending…

  • Formosa

    Shannon go cry about it to womyn kind (lesbians) and take your ultra PC crap elsewhere.

  • Shannon1981

    @Paulo: Then what is the “T”on the end of LGBT for, then? Also, as gender identity and sexual orientation are separate things, there are trans people who are gay, bi, and straight. Try again. Many trans folks are also gay and bi.

    I defend the right to defend oneself. Trans women, particularly trans women of color, have astronomical murder rates.

  • Shannon1981

    @Formosa: Last I checked, this blog was welcoming to gay women as well. I am a gay woman.

  • Carrots

    what the F-What’s your point? CeCe is a ghetto as hell TS/TG woman who went psycho and murdered someone, and she also had drugs (hormones) in his/her system.

  • Shannon1981

    @Carrots: Almost all trans people have hormones in their systems. I don’t know what that fact has to do with the story.

  • Jabaroo

    Of all the articles on this site that have nothing to do with the gay community, only trans related ones get called out, and then it’s a giant shit-storm of ignorant people spouting nonsensical bullshit.

  • Carrots

    Shannon, women aren’t gay they’re lesbian, that’s why there is an L at the beginning of LGBT.

    Nevertheless many bisexuals of both genders, lesbians, and gay men, as well as Trans people want to break away from being grouped together with Trans people.

  • Marisol

    You’re correct Jabaroo! I have noticed how very few of the articles on this site actually deal with gays, bisexuals, or lesbians or the larger community that we live in. This article has nothing to do with anyone that’s bisexual, gay or lesbian. This isn’t a Trans site.

  • Shannon1981

    @Carrots: *sigh* The terms are used interchangeably. There are many same gender loving female bodied humans who do not identify with the term “lesbian.” It is not up to you to tell people how to identify.

    @Jabaroo: Yep, the transphobia on this site is amazing.

  • Brandon

    What the F… who cares! Stop being so homophobic.

  • ErikSF

    WTF-Go cry about “misogyny” to womyn kind or lesbians. You clearly have issues with being gay or with gay and bisexual men who are masculine. People like you are hypocrites and bigoted homophobic and biphobic people.

  • JayKay


    Watch out, it’s ok for them to murder you for saying things like that.

  • Jabaroo

    @Kurt: Trans men don’t get periods, shows how much you know. Not everyone is as focused on genitals as you, and I can’t see anyone I know, gay or straight, dating someone as closed minded as you.

  • Kurt

    Jabaroo-That’s nice. I have a partner and we’ve been together for 25 years. He and I are in an excellent relationship together.

  • JayKay

    So if a white man killed a black man because he called him “white trash” and he was afraid for his life, a 41 month prison sentence would be acceptable, right?

  • What the f**k

    @ErikSF: That’s where your wrong -I’m masculine enough ,thanks,no complaints from any of the masculine men I deal with either!!!I’m just not a small minded ,exclusive,ghettoised bitch!

  • Mrs. Patrick Campbell

    What the F-Mary please. You’re one of those queens who thinks she’s LMAO “Masculine” but then flowers of velour pop out of her mouth!

  • What the f**k

    @Mrs. Patrick Campbell:yeah that’s right girl and you should know better than to test these flowers!

  • Mrs. Patrick Campbell

    I like it when a Mary has a hot rose bud. Legs in the air, presenting rosebud, and no rubbers!

  • Mrs. Patrick Campbell

    *Sniffs and Licks WTF’s hot rosebud*

  • What the f**k

    @What the f**k: Oh,that’s right….someone to notice!….aaaahhhh.

  • ¡Junto com amor de você!

    Marisol tiene una vida difícil. Tiene una cicatriz que desfigura en la cara de caerse en un espejo roto cuando fue pequeña, su madre, Sofía, se muere y debe vender papel flores para ganar dinero para apoyarse y su madre. Sofia, cargado con un secreto terrible, se da cuenta de que debe decir Marisol la verdad antes que se muera y la deje solo (especialmente con novio sórdido de Marisol, Mario, esperando en las alas para aprovecharse de a su hija). ¿Desafortunadamente Sofia se muere sin revelar que Marisol es realmente la nieta de del de Don Alonso Garces Valle, el patriarca de una familia muy rica, que incluye el a pintor guapo y amable, José Andrés, también uno de los nietos de Alonso… o es él? ¡Para complicar asuntos, José Andrés y Marisol se enamoran de uno al otro (aunque sean comprometidos a otras personas) – ambos completamente en la oscuridad acerca de sus identidades verdaderas!

  • STR8

    Yet another perfect example of the Bigotry that is so widespread within this community. I’ve been around gay people all my life and I’ve never had the displeasure of meeting such vile creatures as the “Queerty Gays”. You bash this woman because she didn’t want to be come ANOTHER victim of a Hate Crime and some of you people even have the nerve to defend her homophobic attacker. Utterly Disgusting.

  • Nelson

    What the f-when was the last time you had your man pussy fucked o fisted? You need it bad!

  • Nestor

    Str8-This woman is NOT gay, bisexual, or lesbian. Stop defending a murdering psychopath. It was not self defense at all.

  • A.Les.Bian


  • What the f**k

    @Nelson: Fisted..????ya sloppy c**t! HA HA HA Is this tha best ya got! And lo they came forth proving your point.And each every one weak as piss which they did also drinketh!

  • Matt

    str8-how many times do we have to tell you, this is an LBG-Lesbian, bisexual, and gay site-not only a “Gay” site, and I’m sure there are some trannys who chime in.

  • Hello

    I was at Pride this weekend and I had a heck of a time trying to remember to say “she” or “he” when referring to transpeople there.

    A transwoman from my church was helping us put up a pop-up tent and I said “oh he has it”. I had to immediately cover my tracks and apologize. I find it very difficult to actually think of this transwoman as a woman, she has a very male spirit.

    Because I care about this woman and want to respect her I say “she”. It feels sort of like I’m pretending but I want her to feel accepted.

    To those of you that put down transpeople, you need to know one and when you see they are just people it won’t matter. I have grown leaps and bounds in my acceptance of them since knowing many trans folks in my church. Really they just want to be happy just like we gays.

  • Matt

    str8 how many times do we have to tell you? this is an LBG-Lesbian, bisexual, and gay site-not only a “Gay” site, and I’m sure there are some tr annys who chime in.

  • MarieDelta

    Hello that’s nice but I have noticed that most of you gays my bad I mean f a g s are transphobic bigots!

  • Little Kiwi

    What the F…So you’re a scat queen congrats! You love to get shit on and eat shit!

  • Karma is a bitch

    CeCe will make a good punk bitch in a MAN’s prison! Then again the same thing happens in a womyns’ prison too!

  • Hello

    @MarieDelta: Yes it’s true because we resent the T in LGBT. We don’t see the T as being the same as LGB since it’s more about gender identity than sexual orientation. …but I try to have an open mind and empathize. For some reason it’s assumed gays are all liberal, and as you know they are not.

  • Martin

    So some psychotic t r a n n y or she male goes psycho and kills someone and we’re all supposed to rally around him/her? Sorry I am not going to condone murder like this. No it was not self defense either even if this guy or she males’ peanut gallery wants to claim that it is.

  • What the f**k

    @Little Kiwi: Hmmmm …the insults are definitely sliding now …pick it up people!At least intelligible…..

  • Polyboy

    Barefoot Accountant?

    Go spam your B.S. somewhere else. That has NOTHING to do with this thread.

    Go flog your GoProud log somewhere else.

  • STR8

    @Matt: free of an agenda..Except that GAY one. That what it says at the top of the website and that’s why I call this mess a gay website.
    @Karma is a bitch: Please keep that in mind when some str8 homophobe bash your ass in the face with a bottle, brick, or bullet.

  • Clockwork

    You people are being duped by a spammer using multiple names on this thread.

    Matt, Tyler….and more are the same person.

  • STR8

    Shannon1981 and the rest of the LGBT people who are fighting for equality and fairness for your fellow LGBT people you will always have my support and I will be there to fight along side you. The rest of you bigoted vapid creatures can chew glass. Good Night.

  • Nugoyxi


    I’m trans critical, but this isn’t excusable. What CeCe did was in self defense, and CeCe shouldn’t be punished for that.

  • JayKKK

    @JayKay: Thank you for bringing some sanity to this whole debate. You can only claim self-defense if you’re a white male, end of story. Defending yourself is a privilege, not a right.

  • romantictoyshe

    stop here for your all your adult cheap sex toys requirements

  • Kevin

    Nugoyxi-This is not self defense. It’s murder which thanks to a media-circus trial and a distortion of facts allows the black TS/TG man to get off with a slap on the wrist.

    Or if you believe in karma this guy should have ignored people taunting him verbally and not killed them, and now he’ll wind up someone’s prison bitch in a man’s prison and get gang fucked. NO I am not wishing that upon him but this is what happens to fish in a man’s prison.

  • Jabaroo

    “At one point, she said, one of Schmitz’s friends smashed a glass on the side of her face.”

  • Belize

    @JayKay: “He’s a murderer who killed an innocent man because he had an opinion this thug didn’t want to hear. Prison is exactly where he belongs. It’s a gross miscarriage of justice that he gets off with such a light sentence.”

    Well, since you were obviously there, why didn’t you do anything to stop her? I thought you were some macho redneck queen. What’s the matter? Was the “mean transgender woman” too strong for the great JayKay? LOL. Maybe your beard can help you exact the proper justice you want.

    “I am using the correct pronouns. He’s a man, so I’m using male pronouns.”

    Wow. I didn’t know that they teach proper pronoun usage in a hick-town community college only you and your inbred cousins have heard of.

    “So if a white man killed a black man because he called him “white trash” and he was afraid for his life, a 41 month prison sentence would be acceptable, right?”

    As long as that white man is you. :) I would be happy to see you in prison given that it’s clearly the only place where you can get laid away from your beard.

    @Kurt: “I feel bad for Transmen since they don’t have penises and they only have vaginas and no gay man or even straight woman is going to want to have sex-even a booty call or pity fuck…”

    LOL! So I’m guessing you’ve never been to New York, at the very least. Hahaha. Oh you poor and financially unstable thing. Don’t worry. I’m sure you can find something special in that little cow town of yours. I heard they recently brought Starbucks in far-flung places. Go ahead. Use the money you saved up for the last 12 years and treat yourself to a nice latte. I’m sure that it will render you unable to eat for the next few weeks but it’ll be worth it.

    “Let’s be real, gay men aren’t going to want to have sex with anything that smells like fish and bleeds! ;)”

    I’m glad you know as to why you’re not getting any. :) That’s usually how you start solving problems–by knowing what’s wrong.

    “I have a partner and we’ve been together for 25 years. He and I are in an excellent relationship together.”

    Which involves what? You taking him out for a walk and him not biting you whenever you stroke his pinkish receding member? Good for you.

    @Barefoot Accountant: I’m sure this must be quite the mind-fuck for you but that wall text still won’t convince sane people to vote for Romney. ;) Nice try though. I’m sure your PR services are “pricey.”

  • Belize

    @Kevin: “NO I am not wishing that upon him but this is what happens to fish in a man’s prison.”

    Allow me to clean the reclining couch first and make you some oolong tea (if you know what that is) before you begin sharing your personal experiences.

    “This is not self defense.”

    So you were there too? Why didn’t you and JayKay tag-team the transgender woman in order to stop the attack? Were you also afraid? Oh, you poor thing. Did you and JayKay comfort each other at an alley somewhere after that awful scene before you realized that even in that desperate moment of emotional distress, you still couldn’t find it in yourselves to fuck each other? :) Do tell…

    *pours tea in a cup.

  • Rance

    Str8 you’re the only bigoted and vapid creature here.

    CeCe should not have killed this guy. Just because Cece was harassed verbally this does not give anyone the right to kill someone and then claim “OMG he attacked me! It was self defense!”

    I guess he/she got an excellent lawyer and the media surrounding the case with lots of tran nies screaming “It was self defense!!!” got the jury convinced that when in fact this was murder that it was really self defense.

  • Buck

    I never been in a man’s prison or jail but from what I’ve read about them shankings, rape and gang rape are what happen inside them to inmates.

    I would not be surprised if the in mates see CeCe as a prison bitch, good piece of pussy/ass, or if CeCe takes a lot of dick in those 41 months.

  • Kurt

    Belize-WTF are you going on about? I am from NYC and my partner and I lived there for decades. We have both had very active sex lives with other men (actual gay and bisexual men who were born male, not TS/TG “Men”), and now with each other since we are monogamous.

    Go back into your troll cave.

  • Oh Well

    Jabaroo-Yeah “She said” they should have asked Schmitz’s friends what really happened, and not CeCe who would scream “It’s self defense!!!”

  • the truth

    CeCe is going to a men’s prison since CeCe is male both biologically and physically and he/she was BORN THIS WAY!

  • Carlos

    I feel bad she’s going to a man’s prison but then again she did kill a guy!

  • LVgay

    Queerty, is there any way to ban Barefoot Accountant’s IP address? please?

  • Gavin

    Wow Shannon1981, I applaud you for the stance you have taken to defend Chrishaun. Also I was appalled by the narrow mindedness of some of my fellow pals here especially when we are being judged almost every second of our lives for being who we are. I thought ya’ll be somewhat open minded. Believe it or not, CeCe is a woman. Stop being so ignorant. Thanks Shannon.

  • ChrisSF

    Gavin no we are NOT being judged every single second for who we are. Stop being such a professional victim. I know Trans people who have told me how they do not want to transition at all since doing so would just make them the gender they are biologically and the gender that they were born but they wouldn’t actually be the opposite gender at all and they’d only be a person of the opposite gender/sex imitating a different sex/gender.

  • Tom

    @Shannon1981: Way to go, Shannon. Working in the LGBT movement, I’ve heard and seen some pretty transphobic things happen, but reading this thread reminds me that there’s a lot of work to be done.

    It’s truly shocking to me that people who are gay and have perhaps suffered mistreatment for who they are, can turn around and be so blatantly hateful. Innocent or not, the people replying on this thread are downright hateful human beings. Thanks for speaking up.

  • What the f**k

    @Kurt: And…YOUR POINT IS??!!! It ‘s like a tsunami of inbreds…Good for you! I repeat …..WHAT IS YOUR POINT IS?…..the arc of this debate has gone from NAZI QUEENS delivering their manifesto’s…..to MUNDANE insults…to PLANTLIFE…..

  • What the f**k

    @What the f**k: Correction-WHAT IS YOUR POINT??

  • Lefty

    @Gavin: “Also I was appalled by the narrow mindedness of some of my fellow pals here…”

    It’s basically one person posting under different names.
    Which is a little creepy.

  • Geri

    @Shannon1981: A women’s prison wouldn’t necessarily be a safe place for her either. I mean it was apparently a woman (a cisgender woman) who started the violence when she shoved a glass into CeCe’s face.

    Molly Flaherty has been charged with 2nd & 3rd degree assault:

    I hope Queerty will be following Ms.Flaherty’s trial. She faces a possible sentence of up to 10 years.

    CeCe McDonald has already spent 220+ days in prison. Apparently she doesn’t like being kept in solitary confinement and prefers to take her chances with the men.

  • MJ

    to Shannon1981, What The F**K, STR8 and Belize: I’m with you. Everytime I come here I’m reminded why I shouldn’t become friends with white gay males. it’s probably best if I avoid them completely.

    although a man was murdered unfortunately, let’s not forget why this happened in the first place. @Geri: thank you for the extra info. someone hitting you in the face with a glass bottle is never called for

  • Daez

    @Jabaroo: Self-defense does not typically allow for murder. It allows for use of force to prevent bodily harm. Once the guy that she stabbed was on the ground and bleeding unable to move if she stabbed him again it went from self-defense to murder.

  • Daez

    @JayKay: I am relatively certain that having an opinion that someone does not want to hear and slamming someone upside the head with a bottle are NOT the same things.

    Also, it is she not he you bigoted ass.

  • What the f**k

    Mj-I’m white…so rest assured we are not all feeble minded ,reactionary ,racist, transphobic , bitter ,twisted misogynistic ,bottom,….ahem!…feeding,self hating,delusional twats!(although if Lefty’s right…..)

  • love4cece

    This is so F****ed, all homo/transphobes deserve the fate of cece’s attacker, homophobia and transphobia is not simply the attitudes and beliefs of a handful of assholes but a material system designed to put people like cece behind bars. F*** the justice system and F*** transphobes, mad love to cece and all LGBTs willing to defend themselves!

  • Daez

    @Shannon1981: Not to mention, there would have never been traction in the gay rights movement without trans individuals. It was the trans individuals in 1969 at Stonewall Inn on Christopher Street that got the most traction. These transphobic jerks should have to relive their history since they do not remember it.

  • Daez

    @Kurt: I think the fact that the vast majority of trans people are in healthy, committed relationships simply proves how wrong you are. Are you jealous because they can be in a relationship while you can not?

  • Daez

    @Buck: Actually, they will probably keep her in protected custody. She will probably end up in isolation for 41 months. Most likely, she will come out of this so fucked up that she wished the man in question had actually killed her instead of her standing up for herself and her right to walk down the street without some white thug coming up and bashing her.

    Also, all you people attacking her why not just tell it how it is. You guys are all upset that a black woman killed a straight white man. This speaks more volumes about your straight worship and your racist attitudes than anything else. If a white male had killed a black woman because she attacked him you would have called it self-defense.

  • Shannon1981

    @Geri: @STR8: @Daez: @MJ: Thank you. I hate the transphobia, misogyny, and racism on Queerty. I really wish a mod would come to this thread and remind everyone that this is an LGBT site, not one for just gay white men.

    Geri, I know that a women’s prison isn’t necessarily safe, but it would more than likely be a lot safer than a men’s one. Unfortunately, almost nowhere is safe for trans people, particularly trans women. I truly do not believe that CeCe belongs in prison at all. I too hope the assault trial is covered here.

  • Shannon1981

    @Tom: Thanks, I’ve worked with the movement to get rights for all my LGBT brothers and sisters. There is a lot of what I refer to as “gay elitism.”

    The L and the G act as if there is some monopoly on lgbt sites and the movement, as if we are more important than the other letters. We all have unique needs, sure. Particularly trans people have needs that we do not. However, we are all one movement, hence the acronym “LGBT.”

  • Kurt

    Daez reading comprehension is not your friend. I’ve been in a relationship for 25 close to 30 years with a male partner and our relationship with each other has lasted for decades and we are in love with each other.

  • Dennis

    This bitch is crazy if she/he actually wants to go out of solitary confinement and go into gen pop of a men’s prison. I guess all of that estrogen really did make him/her crazy and she/she wants to become some guy’s prison bitch, get shanked, or get gang banged.

  • KS

    A man is dead. The court proved that Cece’s actions went beyond self-defence.

    Why are tranactivists so willing to support a killer?

    What’s interesting is the trans need to swarm comment sections on sites not even targeted towards them, nobody gives a shit about your opinions.

  • MJ

    @KS: again. my point proven

  • Matt

    Quit revising history Daez. Trans people were NOT at stonewall and did not start Stonewall. Gays who were drag queens, bisexuals, and lesbians were at stonewall and did start the stonewall riots.

  • MarieDelta

    I agree KS, CeCe is a murderer and no it was not self defense since Cece’s actions went way beyond protecting herself, and she was found guilty of murder in a court of law with a trial and jury of her peers.

    It is creepy how Trans-activists are protecting a murderer and are swarming screaming “Transphobe!” at anyone who is not agreeing with them.

    FYI I am trans and I don’t think that what Cece did was self defense at all since she killed a man and stabbed him in the heart. She could have just as easily punched him in the face or kicked him in the groin and ran away, or ignored the verbal taunts and not attacked him.

  • Ashton

    @Shannon1981: Idiot, an acronym is supposed to reflect reality. Reality doesn’t have to alter itself to conform to an acronym. Someone invented LGBT and then foisted it onto the rest of us without any discussion or debate. It was an alliance between “queer” academics, who wanted to see the gay movement become more radical and marginalized and parasitic trans activists, who realized that they would make out like bandits by tapping in to gay money and political capital. I think a lot of people went along with this b/c they didn’t want to have a big fight over what seemed like just another PC fad.

    But LGBT has caused real harm to LGBs. It is the main reason we don’t have federal protections in employment. It is the reason we lost an election in Anchorage, after 35 years of trying to procure protections for gay people. And it is the reason that Exxon Mobil rejected an anti-discrimination resolution this week. LGBs are all homosexual to one degree or another. Transgender is a completely different concept. LGB and T are fundamentally different and “LGBT” is and always will be a lie.

  • David

    I agree Ashton. You also have nutso Trans-activists who are defending a murderer like Cece and who are revising Lesbian, bisexual, and gay history to claim that Trans people always are or always have been linked to LGBs when that’s not true.

    Also because of Trans people and Trans activists ENDA when it was drafted and going to go before congress and the senate failed despite how LGB people had tried for decades to get ENDA passed.

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