Bill Frist

2008 Republican hopeful Bill Frist (you remember him best as the guy who diagnosed Terri Schiavo from a monitor on the senate floor) has gotten into more hot water, this time because of his AIDS “Charity.” Basically, The World of Hope (yeah, the title kinda’ says it all) raised 4.4 million worth of cash from only 18 donors (read: 18 large corporations) and spent only 3 million on AIDS charities. The rest (SHOCK!) went to his top political consultants for his 2008 campaign.

“These tax deductible gifts were earmarked through Senator Frist,” Cooper said. “They were raised in the political arena at the 2004 Republican Convention and the natural question is were they given to the Senate majority leader to gain favor or were they given for true charitable purposes?” Cooper said the consulting fees were “excessively high” and the fact that they were “paid to primarily political consultants also raises questions about the long-range strategic benefits for the 2008 presidential race.”

We were going to applaud Frist for even having an AIDS charity, even if most of the cash goes to evangelical AIDS groups. But using an AIDS charity that’s designed to help children and adults living with a life-threatening disease as a cash cow for your friends is, to put it mildly, in poor taste.

As is killing cute kitties.

Frist AIDS Charity Paid Consultants [AP Via Yahoo]

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