Tweet claiming men who have too much sex with women are actually gay has everyone talking

A tweet that claims men who have too much sex with too many women are actually “undercover gay” has everyone talking online.

It all started a few days ago, when user @LadeIsPower volunteered his completely unscientific diagnosis to his 28,000 Twitter followers.

“Any man who has an obscene amount of sex with a high number women consistently over years is a potential undercover gay man,” he wrote. “Being a nympho/deviant is the gateway to homosexuality. It’s why a lot of these rappers are gay. Eventually you get so tired of p*ssy you begin to ‘explore’.”

Unfortunately, @LadeIsPower did not clarify what constitutes an “obscene amount” or a “high number,” which has left countless men, especially rappers, who previously thought they were straight wondering if maybe they’re actually gay.

Now, we’ve heard a lot of outrageous theories about what makes a person gay, including musical theater, cuddling, recycling, and eating celery, just to name a few. But “too much straight sex” may very well take the cake.

So far, the tweet has received almost 12,000 likes, 2,000 retweets, and 5,000 comments.

And now, the responses…

Oh, but they don’t stop there…

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