TWIST: Nikki Araguz’s Mom Joins The Courtroom Drama

Last we heard about widow Nikki Araguz, she lost her fight to get her husband’s death benefits because Texas Judge Randy M. Clapp declared her marriage to Thomas Araguz void on account of Nikki’s being born a male. Upon hearing the judge’s ruling, Nikki’s mom Sheri Taylor Bockelman wrote Judge Clapp a letter mentioning the prosecuting attorney’s conflict of interest and Nikki’s “birth defect.” Wha??!

During Nikki’s campaign to become mayor of Wharton, Texas, prosecuting attorney Frank Mann allegedly leaked e-mails revealing Nikki’s sexual operation in an attempt to smear her. Mrs. Bockelman mentions this as well as some other curious dealings in her letter to Judge Clapp. Here are the highlights:

I cannot comprehend how you could conclude that their marriage was “invalid” when CLEARLY Thomas Araguz III knowingly, willingly, and without any reservations or conditions, married Nikki and held out with pride to EVERYONE that she was his wife. His parents had NO questions or issues with Nikki until 1. Frank Mann [the prosecuting attorney] unethically violated their privacy with his venomous emails, 2. Heather in her attempt to squeeze more child support from Thomas (who had NO earned income) viciously shared Nikki’s HIPPA-protected and private information with Thomas’ family and 3. after Thomas’ death, when I SUSPECT attorneys (Frank Mann?) suggested to Heather Delgado and Simona Longoria that they could BENEFIT from HURTING NIKKI and DISHONORING THOMAS with these “frivolous” lawsuits. Apparently, their “idea” worked – they didn’t care about the children, or Thomas! They only wanted MONEY. And you ruled in their favor. I do not understand that…

Our daughter was born with a birth defect. I am her mother. I cannot control what a doctor erroneously “checked” on a birth certificate form in 1975. Her biological father was in the military, and he received orders to go overseas on the day she was born. We moved from California to Texas so I could be near my parents – Nikki was only a few weeks old. Her brother was 2. Her father was a decorated Army Veteran, when he was killed in a car accident at age 21. That very day, I had called Fort Hood to discuss a birth defect that my baby had – Nikki. She was an infant…

The birth defect mentioned here probably refers to Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (AIS), when a person “has some or all of the physical characteristics of a woman, despite having the genetic makeup of a man.” It’s unclear how big a role Nikki’s intersex identity played into the court proceedings.

Nikki herself has said:

I am a heterosexual woman, who happened to have born intersex, and yes, I did have a transsexual medical condition, yet that has been treated and corrected. I urgently ask the gay and transgender communities to stop inaccurately identifying me as “transgender” because this falsehood is continuing to make my battle even more difficult. The media has picked up on this mislabeling, and it may lead to the assassination of transsexual and intersex marriage and rights in Texas. The clueless appropriating of my situation is dishonest and hurtful. My birth defect is a medical condition, and has nothing to do with “gender and lifestyles”.

Nikki has worried that the constant mislabeling of her as “transgender” has made it even harder for her to pursue her court case and defend herself in public. But Mrs. Bockelman worries more about the prosecuting attorney’s conflict of interest:

Again, I find it interesting that the plaintiff attorney, FRANK MANN, had represented Nikki and Emilio Mata in their bankruptcy while THEY WERE MARRIED! Mr. Mann took their money for legal fees, never questioned whether Mr. and Mrs. Mata’s MARRIAGE was “valid” – so yet, he represents plaintiff in this lawsuit against our daughter, when she married Thomas, and he died? Besides Mr. Mann’s conflict of interest, and questionable motives, it seems a double-standard on his part to recognize Nikki’s marriage to Emilio Mata, but try to invalidate her marriage to Thomas Araguz. Money… Nikki did not file ANY actions – the plaintiffs brought this devastation on her, and ALL OF US with hurtful allegations and these lawsuits.

It’s unlikely that Mrs. Bockelman’s letter will have any affect now that Judge Clapp has issued his ruling. However, her letter could come into play in Nikki’s appeal and in Nikki’s reality show, if it ever gets made. The fact that Nikki got arrested for felony theft immediately after the judge issued his ruling could put a damper on the show’s taping. On the other hand, it could make the show even more awesome.

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  • Politically Incorrect Thug

    She was “arrested for felony theft” and we’re supposed to be cheerleading her? Jesus Christ, I’m surprised we haven’t built a shrine to John Wayne Gacy, “Gay Hero Ridding The World One Straight Boy At A Time.”

    We may be gay, but that doesn’t mean we’re beyond self-respect and have to boisterously defend a criminal just because she used to be a he.

  • missanthrope

    @Politically Incorrect Thug:

    I don’t see anybody defending her (if she is guilty of it). However, her being stripped of her marriage is a different matter and very much affect the rights of gay people, both cis and trans, in Texas.

  • Aiden

    Well then, I guess I could really really give a fuck about her then.

  • Don, the 14%er

    Nikki Araguz got the clapp, Judge Randy M. Clapp. Bad news.
    She was also vexed by prosecuting attorney Frank Mann who allegedly leaked e-mails revealing Nikki’s sexual operation in an attempt to smear her.
    Do you think the mother of Frank Mann was a Mann?
    Whatever, he sounds more like a persecuting attorney.
    This story has sex and death, money and politics. Child support too.
    Only in Texas, folks.

  • Sweetbrandigirl2004

    Think you known Nikki Araguz Well she’s not the victim she lets on to be, in fact her latest arrest isn’t her first brush with the law. She got a long record. Take a look She is a felon, although not discussed in this piece and perhaps not central to her insurance case:
    1992 – Misdemeanor Theft $200-$750 – Harris County, TX?
    1994 – DWI – one year probation?
    1995 – Misdemeanor Theft $20-$500 – one year probation?2000 – Felony Theft $1,500-$20,000 – three years probation?
    2005 – DWI – three days jail?2008 – Felony Cocaine Possession – Two year deferred adjudication

    *Deferred adjudication is technically not a felony “conviction” even though it’s a guilty plea, but her 2000 felony theft charge IS. She also went on Jerry Springer, blindsided some guy she dated as a woman by announcing she was a man. And has self professed to having lived a sexually promiscuous life while being HIV pos, before marrying her deceased husband. She’s an unsympathetic figure in terms of public relations, I’d say, regardless of how sympathetic people may feel about her gender situation.

  • Sweetbrandigirl2004

    Lets us remember that the judge ruling was based on the fact that Nikki had NOT undergone GRS Gender Reassignment surgery when her and her husband when to get a marriage license she used her Driver license which isa allowed in Texas as proof of gender. she didn’t have sex change surgery until two months after they were married and didn’t change her birth certificate until tqo months after he was dead once this whole thing got started and the fight was on in court. Puts a whole different spin on things once you have a bit more information doesn’t it ?

  • Jeffree

    Ms. Araguz’s prior & subsequent legal charges do juice up the story, but c’mon people, they have ZERO relevance on how the judge ruled on her marital case.

    I admit I probably might consider hiding my one good watch around her, but that has nothing to do with the validity of her marriage & right to her portion of the late husband’s estate.

    If Texas judges & Lone Star State law can’t grasp that she was born intersex, then I don’t know how they can decide the appeal objectively. Time to bring on the experts.
    — — —
    @SweetBrandiGirl1957: Has it occurred to you that you ceased being a “girl” at the age of majority, and that you’re a woman now. And, really, the word “Sweet” appears to have been tacked on to your name for no good reason. Let me suggest “Acidic, ” because “Tart” is too suggestive.

  • Sweetbrandigirl2004

    @Jeffree: Nikki’s Attorney Never brought up anything in court about Nikki being or ever having an Inter sexed condition. I agree that her pass criminal record has nothing to do with her marriage and I said as much in my other post, but it doesn’t bod well for her character now does it ? The Texas judge only needed one fact to make his determination once he saw that one thing he made up his mind Her birth certificate showed her as male at birth…period end of story in Texas. Nikki has said she had a Transsexual condition and that she had surgery to fix it. That totally different then being inter sexed. I see her as a women nothing more nothing less and I don’t see this as being a precedent case for Transsexual marriage law.

    As to your critique of my name while I agree that one matures,but once one has a name like a email addy or it doesn’t make sense to change it as to your suggestion that I’m Acidic. I just state things as I see them I don’t sugar coat things, and based on the topic of discussion over at bilerico project theres quite a few peeps who agree with me as they were discussing tit being time to fold up the transgender umbrella. Sweet really does fit my personality once you get to know me, I’m a kind caring women who’s friendly to everyone I meet which helps me since I have a very Public job dealing with people.

  • heaven_knows

    The aforementioned letter written by Nikki’s mother to Judge Clapp was to point out specific facts, that were inexplicable considering that Mr. Mann and Judge Clapp BOTH were involved in cases with Nikki and Emilio, i.e. bankruptcy and divorce proceedings.

    In no manner did the letter suggest any Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome. How does anyone come to THAT conclusion, when Nikki’s mother clearly states she discovered a birth defect on her baby the day of Tuesday, January 20, 1976 – while Chris Purdue was at work, before he was tragically killed that night, hit head-on by a semi-truck – and called Fort Hood to inquire if the baby would be covered for birth defects, since Chris was in the Army and only discharged less than 6 weeks prior? No description of the birth defect was given – but in a 6-MONTH infant, it was VISIBLE, and mother intended to tell Daddy when he came home that night. But, he never arrived – he was next in a closed casket, in a funeral home. WANT A PICTURE OF THAT???

    And, though every single media writer and interviewer has been told this by Nikki’s mother, and her attorneys know it – a genetic reproductive anomaly or defect, passed down on the maternal side, and inherited by several immediate female and male descendants, is in Nikki’s mother’s family. This occurs during fetal development, between 4-8 weeks gestational time frame, when genitalia, reproductive organs, urinary tract, kidneys and other major organs are being developed – as well as release of the crucial hormone testosterone – how much or how little also affects fetal development. Any disruption of these features can cause various birth abnormalities – some obvious at birth, some discovered later.

    So before you pass JUDGEMENT on what you “know” or whether Nikki’s mother was “worried more about the prosecuting attorney’s conflict of interest” – at least have the facts straight. Oh, and Nikki’s mother is paralyzed from a stroke – brain bleed, traumatic brain injury – in a wheelchair, diabetic, and is often bed-ridden in severe nerve pain. Nikki’s father, a 3-time heart attack survivor, had 5-bypass surgery last year, suffers from COPD, is a stroke risk, and is his wife’s sole caregiver. Their last trip except to doctors or hospitals was to Thomas’ funeral. Nikki’s mother has a service dog she trained herself, adopted in 2005 from the SPCA, who helps pick up and carry things for her.

    Heaven knows the truth about all of this. Posting all of Nikki’s past legal problems – many of which were as a juvenile, and ALL the rest were when she was in her former marriage to Mr. Mata – did you check HIS legal background too? She was 18 years YOUNGER than her first husband – mmmm, think maybe she was influenced by negative energy in that relationship? SHE filed for divorce, finally, to choose a better life…

    And met Thomas Araguz.

    So you all try to walk one block in Nikki’s bare feet – because none of you could EVER wear that courageous woman’s shoes.

    I know. I love her. She’s my daughter.

  • CJinHouston

    Hey Nikki’s mom get over yourself. If your thieving daughter actually gave a crappy about the guy then why the fuck did she not put a headstone at his grave with the 60k she already got? She tries to play off as a hero to the LGBT community and that she’s fighting for their rights, while at the same time disavowing the community by saying she isn’t transgendered. Fuck off. All you idiots are doing is pouring fuel on the fire for bigots, while hurting the man’s kids from a previous marriage. Just go away already.

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