Tyler Posey Confirms: “I Have A Grindr Account”

teen-wolf-season-3b-teaser editTyler Posey may be getting ready to marry a woman, but that hasn’t stopped him from finding cool gay bros nearby on Grindr.

In a brand new preview clip from his upcoming mini-doc Being Tyler Posey, the 22-year-old heartthrob reveals he’s a huge fan of the gay networking app while his friends try and teach him about Tinder.

“Is it like Grindr for straight people?” he asks. “I know what Grindr is because I have an account.”

Posey has been a gay favorite since starring in his breakout role as the lead on MTV’s Teen Wolf, where he played an intensely homoerotic werewolf who prefers to be shirtless. He’s flaunted his lax sexuality at every turn since, telling a ComicCon audience that he makes out with his best bud Dylan O’Brien “all the time,” and revealing his kinky man-foot fetish on Instagram.

Speaking with People, he says the one thing he wants fans to take from his new special is the fact that he’s shockingly normal:

I want them to see how relatable I am. Even though I live this kind of crazy life, outside of that my life is very normal. I live a private life with my fiancée. Me and my friends hang out.

I also want fans to take away what they need from the struggles with my mom. I just want them to know other people are going through it too. I think it’ll be a great way to make my fans feel good. Life is weird and complex, but very simple at the same time. It’s all about perception. And I really want fans to know even though I am going through all this stuff – cancer, fame – I am still a regular kid, and always will be. The goals in my life are very simple. I just want to settle down with a family and live in the woods.

Too bad his Grindr account is most likely a bro joke. We know tons of gay fans that are DTF NSA rn.

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  • barkomatic

    For awhile, the show was actively questioning the sexuality of Dylan O’Brien’s character Stiles. He was in a gay bar, invited drag queens to a party, asked Scott to kiss him, and accepted an offer to have sex with one of the gay side characters (the offer was rescinded).

    Then, in the very next season the character did an about face and without any transition fell in love with and is dating Malia. I’m a little suspicious of such an abrupt change and wonder why that happened. Perhaps he’ll swing back and forth. I guess one has to remember this is supposed to be High School, and kids are still figuring themselves out.

    Anyway, love the show — Tyler Posey and Dylan O’Brien have interesting characters.

  • robirob

    Gay baiting. It fun at first, but it gets tedious the longer it goes on (all this teasing that goes nowhere).

  • JJ24

    @barkomatic: The gay bar scene had them follow Danny into it unaware that it is a gay bar. As noted by Scott “I think this is a gay club”. When did he ask Scott to kiss him? I don’t recall it. When Danny offered to have sex with him he did not accept he said “Really? Danny that is so sweet, Wait are your joking?” Which a few eps before had him try to have sex with a girl(she got killed by the Darach).

    “Then, in the very next season the character did an about face and without any transition fell in love with and is dating Malia.’

    Considering he was in love with Lydia for the first two seasons and some of the third, it’s hardly an about face for him to be with a woman.

    The show has always hinted at him being bisexual not gay as noted by him asking “is he not attractive to gay guys” and his conversation in the halloween ep when the girls ask if he likes girls he says yes and when asked about liking boys he doesn’t answer.

  • Brian

    Why is pandering worth worshiping? We should be having pretty much the opposite reaction.

  • tdx3fan

    Its not really pandering. I feel like he is just being who he is. How come you always have to assign someone a motive. Its not like it really matters to most gay people. He is worth watching regardless of rather he is gay or straight. The show is worth watching regardless if it is gay or straight.

  • Anthagio

    @barkomatic: No, they weren’t actively questioning Stiles’ sexuality. They made jokes about it, but that is as far as it ever went. Dylan went on record saying he doesn’t see Stiles as a guy who likes guys.

  • mz.sam

    Yes, the dude is arrow Str8t, but its clearly pandering, people! Who would have a Grindr account just to connect with his gay fans? Duh!!!

  • martinbakman

    click bait and pandering. TPosey trying to stir interest as his co-star Dylan O’Brien has raced past him in popularity.

  • offbeatoh86

    @barkomatic: Yeah, that really disappointed me too.

  • Keebler ILF

    Sounded like he was joking about the Grindr account.
    But it’s cool to see him always kissing his male co-stars.

    I still can’t believe Tyler was the little kid who
    played Jennifer Lopez’s son in Maid In Manhattan.

  • tazz602

    Yeah – he was obviously joking about the Grindr account – and got no reaction from his friends – lol – fell flat!!

    As to the “gay baiting” of the show – I disagree – I took it that they meant to portray a very open minded atmosphere in the school, no prejudice and no assumptions. From the very beginning they have shown an acceptance of their gay classmate(s) and have been very positive in their portrayal. Stiles likes to joke and maybe he was meant to be seen as open to new experiences and questioning, as most kids do, but not that openly. It’s one of the reasons I really liked the show and the message it portrays – despite some very dreadful acting at the start. Tyler has gotten better, especially this season, and of course the beefcake doesn’t hurt either.

  • JJ24

    @tazz602: Of course the show isn’t gay baiting, the creator is gay. I also love the openness(much like my high school experience), like when the coach thinks Scott is gay and tries to hook him up with Danny.

    And the grinder account he may not have been a joke, his generation doesn’t see being gay the same as previous ones. To his it’s like being brown eyes etc. He’s also stated that the bulk of his friends are gay.

  • pressuredrop


    It’s a bit overly simple to say that. Homophobia still exists in the younger generation. I can see why it seems otherwise to the older generation, but being gay is not quite as benign as having brown eyes to the average teenager.

  • JJ24

    @pressuredrop: I’m 24 so not that older and to the average teenager yes it is. Sure not to all but to the majority it doesn’t matter at all.

  • pressuredrop


    I’m 22, and I just graduated from student teaching in a mid-range urban city. No, it is not. I saw plenty of homophobia among both my fellow college students and the students I taught, and I don’t live in the south or somewhere remote by any means.

    Homophobia is less of a thing that it used to be, but it’s not a non-existent issue. If anything, the younger generation is a transitional step between traditional homophobia and progress.

  • JJ24

    @pressuredrop: That was your experience, it doesn’t make it the majority. Mine was the exact opposite.

    Further you say urban, do you mean african american? If so then of course homophobia is an issue, they fall into the minority of this generation.

  • maddies

    Lol. Since he said that a potential gay romance on his show between Stiles and Derek is “weird, bizarre and twisted” and was called homophobic for that, he’s tried everything to appear gay-friendly, and this grindr thing is no exception. I don’t believe he’s homophobic though.

  • JJ24

    @maddies: Please link to where he said this.

  • pressuredrop


    No, it was very mixed in terms of ethnicity.

    Your experience is also not the majority. Actually, if we want to discuss the majority, we would have to broaden our discussion well beyond the U.S.

    However, as it stands in the U.S., young children and teenagers often still have homophobic views. It may not be as overt as it was in the 80’s, but it exists. Children still make rumors about each other being gay as a way of insulting each other. Teenagers still use homophobic slurs on a daily basis. I watched my college essentially divide down the middle on issues of social justice… And I live in the middle of Illinois, not the south of Mississippi. There are still plenty of closeted young people, and I don’t think it has everything to do with their parents; they lie to their peers as well, because judgment also exists in schools. And yes, this is all anecdotal, but I don’t believe there are nearly as many schools that are better than what I seen as there are worse, either.

    I don’t know what you consider the “average” American youth to be, but you’ve already stated that you’re not counting black youth… Which is already problematic, as if to say that, as a minority, their experiences are somehow excluded from figuring into some national “average” (that you made up). Nevertheless, this applies across boundaries of ethnicity, race, religion and gender. Perhaps you also underestimate the influence of the religious right, which indeed still exists outside of any socially liberal bubbles that might pop up in highly urban areas. They have children, (lots of them, in fact), and I’m willing to bet statistics would reflect their presence in our school systems. Do they not figure into your “average”?

  • JJ24


    In 2013 81% of people under 30 favored same sex marriage, last I check 81% was the majority.

    “you’ve already stated that you’re not counting black youth”
    Where did I state that? What I was point out was that homophobic attitudes are especially prevalent in the african american community. So African american youths fall into the homophobic minority typically.

    You use the term “average” I did not, what I said was majority which means that of course their is a homophobic minority.

    You seem hell bent on stating i’m wrong but you’ve failed provide any facts outside of your own experience.

  • pressuredrop

    According to a study by Stonewall, 55% of LGBT people ages 11-18 experience bullying in school. 96% still hear homophobic slurs in the classroom. This was in 2012.

    Marriage equality is a bad marker for homophobia. It’s possible to be “for” marriage equality and still act homophobic outside of political endeavors. Homophobia has to do with the way you treat people, not how you vote.

    And I keep referring to my personal exeperiences because they were quite poignant and memorable. You seem to be convinced that my experiences were exceptions, but I’m quite convinced all American schools face the same problems as the ones I observed. Unless there was overwhelming statistical evidence to the contrary– and I already know there isn’t– I’m not going to go around pretending that homophobia is dead among my generation. It’s grossly over-simplified, like saying that racism ended right after the Civil Rights movement, which it clearly didn’t.

  • JJ24

    “According to a study by Stonewall, 55% of LGBT people ages 11-18 experience bullying in school. 96% still hear homophobic slurs in the classroom. This was in 2012.”

    So one person making a homophobic remark, makes it the majority? I’m not saying that it was only one but you seem to think that experience the bad from the minority a lot makes everyone the minority.

    “And I keep referring to my personal exeperiences because they were quite poignant and memorable. You seem to be convinced that my experiences were exceptions, but I’m quite convinced all American schools face the same problems as the ones I observed.”

    As I’ve said those were you experience by some, that doesn’t make it everyones. I experience one homophobic person in my entire high school experience and he quickly learned that his opinion was in the minority.

    I don’t know what you went through but it’s sad the you seem to think everyone non gay is a bigot.

    Final thought you still want to misread what i’m saying so once again I will say it, homophobia is not dead in this generation no but homophobic attitudes are no longer the majority especially in this generation.

  • pressuredrop


    Excuse me? How did this devolve into me thinking anyone who isn’t gay is a bigot?

    And that last statement is far from what you claimed in your first post.

    You can’t seem to argue anything without twisting both of our words around, so I’ll just end with a bit of truth: homophobia is still a major thing among American teens and young adults. Being gay is not treated the same as having blue eyes. People who think that are very naive.

  • JJ24

    @pressuredrop: It’s the way you came off, sorry if I was in correct but you come off as the whole world is out to get us.

    How is that far from what I stated? What I was that to “his generation doesn’t see being gay the same as previous ones.”, I’m sorry if you read that is me say it wasn’t a non issue.

    “homophobia is still a major thing among American teens and young adults.”
    Once again that is not true, still an issue yes but a major one no. The majority doesn’t have an issue with it, stop reading a few rotten apples as the majority.

  • enlightenone

    @JJ24: “…stop reading a few rotten apples as the majority.” He gave you the stats of 2012, not “a few rotten apples!” The majority of professional interventionists are using these numbers! At this point, how about agreeing to disagree and get proactive on other blogs that continue to make us out to be the “Devil’s” spawn!

  • Hermes

    @robirob: That is NOT gay baiting. I was never gay baited – that was like red baiting, but it came about later. I was teased with their, ahem, penises by straight friends who in fact were and in some cases are my friends. Let’s not overdo what we make of things.

  • Daggerman

    …well to be honest here, I kind of worked it out years ago but a lot of men can still be Gay when married to a woman.

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