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Ugandan Heterosexual College Students Can Earn $340 By ‘Joining’ The Homosexuals

Stephen Tashobya, the Ugandan federal lawmaker who chairs the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee (pictured), has been a strong supporter of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill. And even though his committee last month effectively killed the bill, the 51-year-old married MP is still continuing his campaign to lock up the ‘mos. Because as Pastor Martin Ssempa has long argued, the gays are still trying to recruit!

Out of work? Join the homosexuals and get paid, the Daily Monitor brags.

Anti-homosexuality activists have presented a petition in Parliament, calling for the passing of the anti-gay Bill. The petition, signed by two million people countrywide, was presented to the Speaker of Parliament, Mr Edward Ssekandi, yesterday by anti-gay activists led by Pastor Martin Ssempa. “We are not here to hang the gays as people have speculated but to protect young men and girls being recruited into the practice,” Pastor Ssempa said. They also listed 19 organisations which they claimed are promoting homosexuality in the country. Mr Ssekandi promised that the Bill would be debated. “The mover of the Bill (David Bahati) is still a member of the 9th Parliament and even if the current Parliament doesn’t debate it, the new Parliament will do it,” Mr Ssekandi said. He added: “Since the Bill was tabled, I have received numerous calls from the international community to throw it out but I always tell them that I don’t have those powers.”

[…] The petition comes a day after Makerere University student leaders said in a meeting with the chairman of the committee handling the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, Mr Steven Tashobya that recruitment of gays was rampant at the university campus. The students told Mr Tashobya that each of their colleagues who join homosexuals is paid a monthly salary of Shs800, 000.

Getting cash money — 800,000 Uganda schillings is more than $340 U.S.! — to “join homosexuals”? Now that’s what I call funemployment.

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  • Gigi

    What a fucked up country!

  • Hillers

    Well, let’s all flock to Uganda so we can get rich, bitch!

    What is it about pony boy in that pic that makes me think he likes to get it up the pucker?

  • SteveC

    Uganda is a revolting place. 2 million people signed a petition to hang gay people. Aid to that country must be stopped unless there are cast iron guarantees that the money is never used to persecute sexual minorities.

  • The sane Francis

    I agree with Steve. Cut off the funding to these countries who don’t know of the term human rights. Period. Stop rewarding bad behavior.

  • divkid

    we recruit! haha!
    we don’t need to, we’ve already got far more than we want.

    jeez, as it is, any one of us are only ever 5 pounds, and a few grey hairs away from being asked to turn in our membership cards! WE ARE AN EXCLUSIVE CLUB.

    — or, i could just be dissembling to conceal our nefarious hidden agenda.

    ////[CLASSIFIED: NOT FOR STRAIGHT EYES — 0 23680–56841/1]
    brethren, i’m sorry to report i haven’t fulfilled my quota for today (damn, no toaster oven for me). how about you guys, do any better?////

  • The Milkman

    So some douchebag wearing a cheap suit from the Men’s Wearhouse says gays are paying “recruits” a salary, and people believe them? If this is the best critical thinking that the leaders of some African nations can do, it’s no wonder so many are suffering from crushing poverty.

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