Ugandan Lawmaker David Bahati: Kill The Gays Bill Will Be Law ‘Soon’

It’s been a little while since we’ve heard much about Uganda’s Kill The Gays bill, but things are looking on the up and up — if you favor executing queers. Lawmaker David Bahati says the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, as it’s formally known, will “soon” be law.

“We are very confident because this is a piece of legislation that is needed in this country to protect the traditional family here in Africa, and also protect the future of our children,” says Bahati in his typical rhetoric. Of course that’s just Bahati’s version of things, and may not represent true forward movement on passing the bill. It’s been stalled for months as international critics swarmed.

And that Rolling Stone newspaper article listing 100 gays to “hang”? Supposedly it’s helping Bahati’s cause. The newspaper’s editor Giles Muhame, who previously insisted violence against gays wasn’t his fault, says, “We thought, by publishing that story, the police would investigate them, prosecute them, and hang them.”

What it has done is rally citizens in anti-gay witch hunts: The people who were named on that list are being harassed, verbally and physically, and I fear it’s only a matter of time before Bahati’s wish for death sentences against gays, if not sealed into law, will continue to be a part of some sick vigilante justice. [CNN]

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