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Uganda’s Anti-Gay Ethics Minister Grants Gays Freedom Of Assembly

Even though gays in Uganda could spend life in prison if found guilty of homosexual acts, at least they are now granted the right to assemble. This is a curious about face for the Ugandan government, considering last Monday’s raid on a meeting of gay activists, along with an announcement that the government planned to disband 38 non-governmental organizations suspected of engendering homosexuality.

According to Pink News:

The Ugandan government has issued a statement following reports of gay rights workshops being broken up and NGOs being dissolved saying gay people have the right to freely assemble in the African state.

The Ethics Minister Simon Lokodo signed the statement following international reports on the situation for gay Ugandans.

The statement says: “No government official is (supposed) to harass any section of the community and everybody in Uganda enjoys the freedom to lawfully assemble and associate freely with others.”

This is the same Simon Lokodo who, in February, walked in and personally shut down a gay right conference, and believes gays and lesbians are “recruiting” children.

Mr. Lokodo was reported to have been told to tone down his anti-gay rhetoric by the government. While any step of progress is welcome, does anyone else consider such a sudden sea change as a bit unusual?

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  • Alan

    “does anyone else consider such a sudden sea change as a bit unusual?”

    Not really. Uganda is predominately Christian, not Muslim. If this were Iran, they’d just sentence us guy gays to a hanging and be done with us.

  • Chad

    I do find it a bit unusual. Wasn’t it a few months ago this same dude went to some kind of gay rally and told everyone they were not allowed to meet and forced everyone away. Who knows maybe our government told them to play nice or we would stop sending them aid.

  • Ruhlmann

    It’s a good way to round them all up in one spot.

  • EdWoody

    @Ruhlmann: Exactly my thought. Its almost as if its a trap.

  • Belize

    @Ruhlmann: Exactly.

    The stupidity of the governments running these backward countries is quite laughable. Do they actually think that the LGBT in Uganda, people who need to be twice as cunning than LGBTs in other more humane locations in order to survive, would not actually fall for this? Do they really think that nobody see the possibility of some deranged maniac (probably hired by their morally bankrupt officials) storming in their location and just shooting them all? And in the aftermath of such a possible atrocity, do they actually think that no one would see this as a government plot considering the fact that the government will probably do nothing the same way they barely did anything when the moron that published that Rolling Stone article did what he did? LOL.

    Please. Uganda is a hellhole fueled by poverty and the lack of education. Such textbook traps are older than the ridiculously thick collection of fairy tales called the Bible.

  • Alex

    They are easier to round up when they come together. I think it is a sick trick and I wouldn’t trust it. They want them to be open out and loud and proud so they can cuff them. My only advice for Uganda is a history lesson. Americas first gay pride was a riot.

  • Bob

    I agree with Ruhlmann…the first thought I had when I saw the header.

  • Daez

    @Alex: A riot would not work in Uganda much like riots do not work in China. Riots only work in America because in America we do not like the idea of driving tanks over people or opening fire on mass crowds of people. In Uganda, they consider shooting a crowd of rioters a sport.

  • Derek Williams

    LGBT outnumber the military 7/1 in most countries of the world, but are so terrorized by violence and repression they cannot organise, and so do not even know who the others are. Also most do not wish to fight repression by call to arms, knowing that further antagonising the heterosexual majority would result in a bloodbath.

    Until everyone comes out, this will go on and on and on.

  • robert

    I would not trust this sack of shit for all the tea in China. Hes a murderer.

  • mike

    Very, very suspicious. Don’t be surprised if something very nasty and violent comes out of this.

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