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Uganda’s Pastor Martin Ssempa Demonstrates Anal Sex For Crowd of Students

Martin Ssempa. Scott Lively. So many boldface names in Vanguard‘s “Missionaries of Hate,” and not a Lindsay Lohan in sight! While Hulu won’t let us embed the full episode, you can watch it here, and be sure to cue to the 4:50 mark, where Ssempa uses bottlenecks to demonstrate why gay sex is unnatural.

But watch the program not to hear what Ssempa has to say (you already know what his bigotry sounds like), but for interviews with Ugandan citizens — whose answers are translated by a gay Ugandan, in case you were in need of irony.

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  • Dewayneinsd

    Martin Ssempa is Homo NO DOUBT about it! Uganda needs to wake up and smell the Kenya Blend and learn what Americans have known for about ten years.

    ANYONE who has an OBSESSION with Homosexual SEX is a Homo!


    Ted Haggard,Paul Crouch,George Reker,Roy Ashburn

    Meet your kindred brother the Homo HATING HOMO of Uganda.

    Orgy of the Damned anyone!

  • SteamPunk

    Thanks, I didn’t know this episode of Vanguard had aired already. I had seen advertisements for it.

    Btw, you can embed the full episode from Hulu. You can also clip out the part you want to show and embed only that snippet. (Well, it worked for me, at least.)

  • Andy

    Hitler with a year-round tan, that’s it.


    He is actually farily smart. With all his Gay film demonstrations and bottle tricks, this selfhating fag has found a way to watch all the Gay porn he wants without fear of being discovered. He is hiding right out in the open…………

  • Lamar

    Oral sex is also unnatural (gagging, teeth etc.) but that doesn’t mean it is therefore wrong, it’s funny how no one who says that gay sex is unnatural don’t preach against other types of intercourse not involving a dick in a vagina. There is a difference between something being unnatural and being wrong. Cars are unnatural but they are not wrong and people like him still use them.

  • Chris

    The word unnatural is a joke… How can something be unnatural? The whole world with everything on it, and we as humans are apart of nature… Homosexuality is no more “unnatural” then anything found in nature… Are cars natural? How about drugs. Electronics? This list goes on and on about thats that could be “Unnatural”.

    The word unnatural really pisses me off…

  • Brutus

    You need to give this a more serious headline. Everyone should watch this. I can’t stop.

  • jkamen

    I just saw this episode. I could barely watch the whole thing, its just so fucking awful. I hope those people can get out of there if it passes. And if it does pass I hope ALL the AID to that country dries up! What a terrible thing to inflict such fear and ignorance upon an entire country. Anyhow, I just thought I’d take a break from all the shit eating and fisting to write my comment!?*#

  • ewe

    I sincerely think he is a self hating gay man also. Deeply disturbed and hiding behind a god fantasy. Extremely troubling. He must be ostracized.

  • ewe

    @jkamen: Isn’t it the truth? You would think no straight guy ever had his ass rimmed or ate out someone else. What hypocrisy! It is so startling that so many people are so stupid and gullible.

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