UN HIV/AIDS Summit Results In Useless Statement

The UN HIV/AIDS summit June 8th to June 10th culminated in a watered-down political statement identifying key gaps in global HIV/AIDS policy. But it didn’t come up with any solutions or guidance how to remedy the matter. Cluelessness is a worldwide epidemic too, apparently.

Member states noted that:

“many national HIV prevention strategies inadequately focus on populations that epidemiological evidence shows are at higher risk, specifically men who have sex with men, people who inject drugs (IDUs) and sex workers, and further note, however, that each country should define the specific populations that are key to its epidemic and response, based on the epidemiological and national context.”

Thanks, UN! You rather succinctly said something that we all know—tweakers and prostitutes get HIV. We get it!

Essentially, the body said, “You member states have problems. Fix them. How? Uh… you figure it out.”

If the UN had drawn attention to the budget cuts undermining prevention programs worldwide, we could have broadened the discussion far more effectively.

Also, the UN could have included guidance for coalition-building across national lines on this deadly issue. How are UN experts and American scientists assisting, for instance, in sub-Saharan Africa? What solutions can first-world nations give developing countries? HIV/AIDS will only be properly addressed when global solutions are found for this global problem.

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