Hero Worship: New LGBT Comic-Book Characters Are Here To Save The Day

We heard a lot this summer about Northstar’s same-sex wedding and the arrival of a gay Green Lantern named Alan Scott. But there are a lot more queer characters in comics these days—from the X-Men’s Colossus (well, in Marvel’s Ultimate line) to DC’s high-kicking lesbian detective, Batwoman (whom we reported on earlier).

For those of you not immersed in geek culture, though, we’ve pulled together some of the new breed of bi, gay, lesbian and trans heroes and villains from the two big publishers, Marvel and DC.

Click through to meet some of the new LGBT superheroes and anti-heroes.

Many more, both from the “Big Two” and indie publishers can be found at sites like the Gay League and Prism Comics. Images: DC Comics, Marvel Comics