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Valerie Jarrett, Expert At Rehearsing Talking Points About Obama’s DADT Helplessness

Rather than meet behind closed doors and exchange Halloween costume ideas, the battle between discharged curmudgeon Dan Choi and White House “lifestyle” expert Valerie Jarrett continues to play out on live television. Which I love.

After bashing Obama’s lack of commitment to repealing DADT and saying he wouldn’t vote for the president next month, Choi was answered by Jarrett — who just got done saying she wishes there is more the White House could do to repeal the law. Obama “can’t simply sign an executive order revoking [DADT] or he would have,” says Jarrett. DoJ “has no choice” but to defend the law.

But check out this exchange:

BLITZER: One legal scholar suggested today that perhaps the president can go ahead and do what he needs to do but at the same time make it clear to everyone that he thinks this law is unconstitutional.

JARRETT: He’s done that. He did that as recently as last week when he was at a town hall meeting. He thinks this law should absolutely be repealed.

Wait, was that Jarrett saying Obama did say he thinks the law is unconstitutional? ‘Cause he hasn’t.

Either way, Jarrett still ducks the question about whether the White House will push for a repeal in Congress’ up coming lame duck session. Which means, frankly, no, it won’t.

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  • CJ

    Obama is either actively defending DADT and DOMA in the courts – or he’s laying low in the White House assuming that Congress is going to do their job.

    There was a day that THE PRESIDENT led this country – when a President fought for something and HE led the rest of the nation (including lawmakers). But, I have yet to see Obama leading on LGBT issues or much of anything else. Even with healthcare he let Reid and Pelosi run with that thing for months without Obama stepping into it.

    Obama needs to step up as president and cast a vision for equality. He needs to be forceful in communicating that intolerance, bigotry and inequality is unacceptable. But, it’s hard for him to do that when he only believes in “civil unions”, when he continues to repeal DOMA and DADT rulings – and when he sits around.

    Where is our leader? it’s time for Obama to grow some – and to realize he needs to work WITH Republicans now. He’s lost credibility and time. He’s letting everyone else run the show, including Gates in the military. Tail wagging the dog.

    What a terrible way to lead a country.

  • Cameron

    Does Dan Choi think that the presidential election is next month?

  • Michael

    @CJ: Let me just summarize all of that:

    “Mindless bitching. Don’t understand how government or politics works. Rant rant rant.”

  • Casey

    Obama is a fucking homophobe.

  • Tim W

    @CJ: You hit the nail on the head. No one expects him to wave a magic wand what they expect is for him to show LEADERSHIP. It is obvious he is letting the Pentagon run the DADT debacle into the ground. As for other issues he has not spent any political capital whatsoever and no giving pretty speeches is not spending political capital. How do presidents get things accomplished? By calling Congressman to the mat when they want something done. Instead this president does nothing to pressure Congress and in fact just sits back and does nothing to try to influence them. That isn’t leadership. Hell even Bush who I dispised knew that and twisted arms when needed to pass his agenda.

  • Cam

    Valerie Jarret is a liar. Coming out and saying that the DOJ HAS to defend this case…siigh, not to repost AGAIN, but….

    Bush refused to defend ACLU et al., v. Norman Y. Mineta,
    Clinton refused to defend Dickerson v. United States.,
    George HW Bush refused to defend Metro Broadcasting v. Federal Communications Commission.,
    Ronald Reagan refused to defend INS v./ Chadha – “Chadha.,

    Additionally, all joined in lawsuits opposing federal laws that they didn’t like, laws that they felt were unconstitutional. It is an outright lie to suggest that the DOJ had no choice.

    The president takes an oath to defend and support the Constitution, so if he thinks that a law is unconstitutional it is his job not to defend it. The fact that Obama is pushing SO HARD to defend DADT means that he thinks it is constitutional and an appropriate law.

  • michael

    This woman is a blatant liar. Obama is a blatant liar. This constant spiel that they have put out that he is required to appeal this ruling has been completely debunked. It has come to surface that a court ruling that allows religious organizations to proselytize in Federal courts will stand, why? Because the Obama administration has selected NOT to appeal it! He has been busted. What a liar and a hypocrite. What we can see by this is who he is truly working for and it proves Dans point, he was not going to make waves with a law that might be blurring the lines between church and state but he was willing to show the religious folks that he will fight against we LGBT’s. Don’t buy into this crap
    that his administration puts out because its a lie and here is the link

  • michael

    I meant to say in “federal parks”.

  • CJ

    I can just imagine how much more progress LGBT rights would have if DICK CHENEY were President. Granted, he’s GOP. But, he gets things done and doesn’t let anyone walk all over him. He also believes in FULL equality, not some “compromise” called civil unions. Cheney’d also be telling the military what to do – vs. letting them tell him.

    If someone doesn’t agree with Cheney, they submit to his authority. If someone doesn’t agree with Obama, Obama submits to the other guy.

    Failed leadership.

  • Herbert Wassinger

    Obama is a “fierce advocate” for only himself, and other african americans. Besides, he is way over his head in this job. And Jarrett never did answer the question as to whether he considers the DADT unconstitutional. When her mouth moves she dissembles and lies.

    I will never vote for Obama again.


  • D. Tails

    @Herbert Wassinger:

    Wasn’t ‘Herbie Wassinger’ Karl Rove’s real name?

  • Why we he not defend us like he does others?

    “As for other issues he has not spent any political capital whatsoever and no giving pretty speeches is not spending political capital.”

    Actually, he has been quite willing to spend the Democrats’ political capital on:

    1. Defending illegal aliens. The Supreme Court will soon hear the administration’s arguments against states being allowed to require employers to verify that new workers are, in fact, eligible to work in the US

    2. Defending the Ground Zero Mosque/Community Center

    3. Vehemently objecting to the an obscure Florida pastor who had planned to exercise his First Amendment right to burn the Koran.

    Why was Obama willing to sacrifice political capital on these issues, but not defending us?

  • Ronbo

    Obama’s Justice Department has argued in court four times (!) that LGBT Americans deserve the same legal protection as convicted sex predators (felons) and pedophiles.

    Now that’s “fierce”!

    It’s been so very long that we’ve had a real Democrat that I’m thinking a squisy spine is kinda hot.

  • Joann Prinzivallo

    It’s really simple. Dan Choi is right. Obama and his minnion Jarrett are playing politics with peoples’ lives, and the security if the nation.

    Obama knows, or should know, that 10 USC 12305 EXPRESSLY permits him to stop the discharges in the event national guard units are serving outside the United States.

    The statute is clear, and applies to any kind of military dscharge – there is no exemption for DADT discharges in this statute.

    Within the first 90 days of having taken office, a president with a brain, a heart, a backbone (courage) and a love of his country (ruby slippers?) might have used the EXISTING statutory authority to stop the discharges.

    This president wants to compromise with evil – well, after the md-term elections, he may have more opportunity to deal with evildoers.

    Barack Obama? I think that in 2012, any politica party that wants my vote will offer us Ted Olson for president!

    For more, see my blog at:

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