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Valerie Jarrett, Expert At Rehearsing Talking Points About Obama’s DADT Helplessness

Rather than meet behind closed doors and exchange Halloween costume ideas, the battle between discharged curmudgeon Dan Choi and White House “lifestyle” expert Valerie Jarrett continues to play out on live television. Which I love.

After bashing Obama’s lack of commitment to repealing DADT and saying he wouldn’t vote for the president next month, Choi was answered by Jarrett — who just got done saying she wishes there is more the White House could do to repeal the law. Obama “can’t simply sign an executive order revoking [DADT] or he would have,” says Jarrett. DoJ “has no choice” but to defend the law.

But check out this exchange:

BLITZER: One legal scholar suggested today that perhaps the president can go ahead and do what he needs to do but at the same time make it clear to everyone that he thinks this law is unconstitutional.

JARRETT: He’s done that. He did that as recently as last week when he was at a town hall meeting. He thinks this law should absolutely be repealed.

Wait, was that Jarrett saying Obama did say he thinks the law is unconstitutional? ‘Cause he hasn’t.

Either way, Jarrett still ducks the question about whether the White House will push for a repeal in Congress’ up coming lame duck session. Which means, frankly, no, it won’t.

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