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Virgina Del. Robert Marshall Won’t Let ‘Active’ Gays Serve In His State’s National Guard

Virgina state lawmaker Robert Marshall has found a new use for constitutionally protected state’s rights: ban gays from the Virgina National Guard. Marshall, a Republican delegate, plans to introduce legislation barring some gays from serving in the military. Which gays? The “active homosexual” kind. “The Constitution never would have been ratified if states were not [guaranteed] unqualified control of the militia, now called the National Guard,” says Marshall, who is striking back at the upcoming repeal of DADT like a three-year-old.

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    What a fucking complete utter scumbag little bitch!

    Once upon a time when a measure passed you a legislator didn’t like they manned up and moved on. The rightwing lunatic fringes are destroying this country with their childish immmature I am taking my toys home in a hissyfit because I didn’t get my way moves on every measure………..Disgusting vile pig

  • pete

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: What, you don’t have an opinion about this? LOL

  • Fitz

    What would be know from “Active” lol. Ever BEEN to Virginia? Fattest, ugliest fucks in the world. The only thing remarkable about them is that they manage to eat so much since most of them don’t have teeth.

  • Kev C

    Virginia (all of it) is a screwed up place. Full of faux liberals and xeno/homophobes. Backwardsass place.

  • JusticeontheRocks

    Maybe if i fuck him in the ass like he wants he’ll come to his senses.

    Virginia is for morons.

  • Tricky

    @PLAYS WELL, Agreed.

    I don’t think this will ever see the light of day. But to me this is no different that what happened during the CRM. Separate but equal. I think we will continue to see a lot of this, and one thing I know about America is that these state legislatures may not listen to reason and common sense, but they will listen to a lawsuit. It is the American way.

  • Mark

    Uh, let’s see – I think this throws a bit of a wrench in to his plan…. The National Guard of the United States is administered by the National Guard Bureau, which is a joint activity under the Department of Defense. Dept. of Defense, that’s the federal government, is it not? Sorry sir, you lose.

  • Jeffree

    If he wants to discriminate against “active homosexuals” then the “passive” ones get to join and serve, right?

    I bet he is getting all kinds of kudos from the fundies for taking this position.

  • Steve

    If the ban specifies homosexual activity, then the ban specifies homosexuals, which, with this DADT pile to be gone, would be illegal. So, good luck Marshall. Let’s see how far you get.

  • joe K

    Does that mean he wants a national Guard full of bottoms?

    I like to see all these challanges actually. This gets rid of what can sometimes be a very amusing reading of the constitution and shows exactly how stupid people are.

  • Daez

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: If the National Guard of Virginia doesn’t allow gays and lesbians to serve outwardly and openly then the entire state gets absolutely no funding from any federal program (including Medicare for their seniors).

    See, now if that actually happened, people like this douche bag would shut the fuck up and get in the back of the bus where he belongs.

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