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Virginia Del. Bob Marshall Only Wants ‘Active Homosexuals’ Banned From National Guard

Bob Marshall, the Virginia state delegate who reacted to the repeal of DADT by demanding the Virginia National Guard pass its own anti-gay policy, doesn’t want to ban all homosexuals from serving in the Guard, he tells Fox News’ Steve Doocy. Just “active homosexuals,” because after all, this is the way “the United States [has been doing things] for 232 years and [has been] the moral assumption for the last 6,000 years [Ed: As old as Planet Earth!], so when Congress decided to change this on the weekend when they’re in lame duck session, when they’ve been repudiated by the voters and on a bill that dealt with the Small Business Administration and allowed no amendments except this, that’s a problem.” No, what’s a problem is when even your Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell, who can’t stand gays either, doesn’t even support your crazytown plan. [via]

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  • Josh

    This is funny because I don’t remember getting an email telling me to activate my homosexual status.

  • RomanHans

    Actually, I agree with him. I mean, if a dude just lays there in bed, how can he defend our country?

  • justiceontherocks

    How much ass do you have to get (or give) to be considered “active?”

  • Qjersey

    So does this means “tops need not apply” but “bottoms welcome.”

    Figures, straight men are always so worried that someone is gonna stick something in their ass…but they are always trying to butt fuck women.

  • Josh

    He’s from MANASSas? Oh, come on.

  • Reds

    He’s a ‘MANASShole.’ Virginia such a backwater…

  • Andy

    So…passive homosexuals okay?

  • B

    No. 7 · Andy wrote, “So…passive homosexuals okay?” Not after you explain “top” and “bottom” to Bob Marshall! Don’t mention “versatile”. He’s at the bottom of the learning curve.

  • christine

    Could you not use crazy that way? It’s ableist. I have a mental illness (/am ‘crazy’) and don’t support this.

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