Washington’s Referundum 71 Likely Plagued With Invalid Signatures, But Can Move Forward

Despite concerns over thousands of possibly invalid signatures used to get Referendum 71 — which could up or down Washington’s “everything but marriage” law — in front of voters in November, King County Superior Court Judge Julie Spector denied a request to stay the ballot measure. But the legal fight aint’ over:”Spector said challenges to a referendum must be filed in Thurston County Superior Court after certification – and supporters of the “everything but marriage” law still had that option for trying to get R-71 off the ballot. The group that brought the original lawsuit – Washington Families Standing Together – said it would go to court in Thurston County to try to block R-71.”

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  • LarryPDX

    On the bright side, support for marriage equality in Washington state is on the rise. Even if R-71 gets on the ballot these numbers point to a solid defeat.

    A quote from the article found here:

    The Washington Poll released a report today showing public support for same-sex domestic partnerships has increased substantially over the past three years.

    In 2006, about 59 percent of registered voters in Washington supported either same-sex marriage or domestic partnerships with the full rights of marriage, compared with 41 percent who favor fewer rights for such couples.

    But by 2008, 66 percent of registered voters said they supported same-sex marriage (36.7 percent) or full domestic partnerships (29.3 percent). Just 32.6 percent were in support of lesser rights.

  • AlwaysGay

    Heterosexuals lie. A month before the 2008 election the anti-gay adoption referendum in Arkansas was supposed to be defeated by 20+% then on election day it won by 14%. That’s a difference of 34+%. Just a day before the 2008 election in California polls showed Prop 8 would fail by 7% instead it passed by 4%.

    Heterosexuals want to portray themselves as more open-minded than they are. All systematic forms of discrimination are rooted in heterosexuality.

    APPROVE Referendum 71. Gay couples deserve the exact rights heterosexual couples have.

    It’s surprising gay people don’t want to talk or write about how the secretary of state (who is republican) bent the rules to accept tons of signatures so this referendum got on the ballot. On day one the rejection rate stood at 11.60% by the end of counting it was 11.53%. Rejection rates always go up as more signatures are counted yet that didn’t happen here. Election officials checked the rejected signatures four or five times while the accepted signature only got one look. Also 137,689 signatures were handed in yet election officials reported they looked at 137,881 signatures. After all the signatures were counted the secretary of state rushed to alert the media R-71 was going on to the ballot which they were asked not to do until this lawsuit was settled. They did it anyway to turn public opinion against gay people to make us look like we were denying heterosexuals the “right” to vote on gay people’s rights.

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