Image Credit: ‘Wreck,’ BBC/Hulu, Fremantle

The Brits sure know how to have a bloody good time. Case in point: The series Wreck, a gory slasher-mystery set on a cruise liner with a wicked sense of humor and a boat-load of queer characters.

Wreck premiered on the BBC Three network in the U.K. last fall, but why should they get to have all the fun across the pond?

Today, Hulu announced it will roll out the entire first season of the series on March 1, becoming the exclusive streaming home of the series in the U.S. In other words, we’ll be saying “bon voyage!” to all other plans that day.

In Wreck‘s opening scenes, we meet Pippa (Jodie Tyack), a young woman who works aboard the luxury cruise ship Sacramentum. One night, she’s ambushed by a knife-wielding attacker, who chases her right off the back of the boat.

Oh, and did we mention this killer’s wearing a giant duck costume? You better walk run from that motherf**king duck!

Image Credit: ‘Wreck,’ BBC/Hulu, Fremantle

Three months later, Pippa’s brother, Jamie (Oscar Kennedy), cons his way onto the crew for the Sacramentum’s next voyage, intent on getting to the bottom of his sister’s disappearance. The cruise line played it off as a tragic suicide, but Jamie smells a cover-up.

Things only get messier as Jamie digs deeper into the mystery, and it certainly doesn’t help that his colleagues are being picked off by masked assailants, one by one.

Like so many of the best slashers, Wreck balances things out with some sharp comedy and an eclectic cast of characters, any of whom could be the duck-masked killer—or the next victim!

Even better, Jamie’s gay, and he’s got a queer bestie on board in Vivian (Thaddea Graham), as well as Olly (Anthony Rickman), a cute co-worker who catches his eye.

For queer series creator Ryan J. Block, the decision to center LGBTQ+ characters was a no-brainer: “As a gay man and horror fan, I think horror has always been queer,” he told the BBC, “but it’s always coded, and subtext. I thought, ‘let’s do away with the subtext. Let’s have explicit representation!”

To all of that we say: Hell yes. Wreck sounds like a total gag, and we can’t wait to see how it all goes down over its first six episodes. (By the way, a second season has been green-lit, and it’s expected to debut later this year.)

Ahead of its U.S. streaming date, Hulu has shared a fun new trailer for Wreck, which you can watch below:

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