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  • fredo777

    not a leno fan, but i’ll watch adam’s clip online + will avoid hers like the plague.

  • Nina

    Actually, if you look at the backstage interviews following the show, they were there at the same time. However, Palin didn’t have the class to shake his hand at the end like Jay and that snowboarding guy did at the end of the show. Just as well. She’s a useless waste of life.

  • swarm

    Watch for Adam in AU. His televised SYTYCD performance had a M/M couple dancing behind him (albeit not exactly ~romantic choreo) and he’ll be at the Mardi Gras in some capacity- I think it’s tomorrow our time in the morning.

    He interviewed he’ll be wearing an outfit that’s “boy…ish” since of course the host HAD to ask something about wearing a dress.

  • swarm

    @Freddo777 sorry, Australia. He went on a promo tour and took his guitarist and drummer for acoustic stuff on radio but it turned out they did an actual normal version on So You Think You Can Dance last night (our time) – hired the other musicians and rented equipment.

    LOL they didn’t show the dancers at all, in the front.
    Must have been some misunderstanding. Maybe they added some shows – no one in fandom is quite sure what’s next. I’m saying this so it’s not confused with a “tour” it’s just promoting the record internationally. Japan, UK and other European promos are scheduled throughout March/April.

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