WATCH: All Anyone Wants To Talk To Kristin Chenoweth About Is Jesus and Homosexuals

Kristin Chenoweth spends at least twenty entire seconds of this nine-plus-minute clip from The Joy Behar Show promoting her midseason ABC series, Good Christian Belles. The rest of it’s consumed with her own personal missionary work: teaching her fellow born-again Christians how not to be complete jerks about the gays.

Did she know what she was getting herself into when she decided to be America’s lone pro-gay Christian celebrity? More importantly, is anybody out there keeping a tally of the staggering number of times these questions are lobbed her way on talk shows?

Whatever the case, the Tiniest Advocate always hits them out of the park with grace and humor. Now if she can only convince other famous Christians to do the same.

Image via stacy

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  • Frankie

    I just love Kristin Chenoweth!

  • SteveC

    I love Kristin Chenoweth.

    It’s so strange that she believes in ‘god’ as she strikes me as very intelligent. In spite of her absurd beliefs.

  • Marie Cohn

    Scary botox addict!

  • Ryan C

    Glad she is out there to show not all Okies are like Sally Kern and crew.

  • christopher di spirito

    Kristin Chenoweth is a very talented girl. But, I always hold her at a distance because of her embrace of the Baby Jesus. She makes me nervous. Women like Kristin Chenoweth can go over the edge at any moment and become like Joyce Meyer.

  • Adam

    I love her so very much.

  • the crustybastard

    Rare people like Ms Chenoweth learned that to feel good about themselves they need to make other people feel good. They examine their religion and realize, “being that way isn’t incompatible with my religion.”

    Most people learned that to feel good about themselves they need to make other people feel miserable. They examine their religion and realize, “my religion requires me to do that.”

  • j

    Love her! I might not agree with what she believes but if every christian was like kristin the world would be a better place

  • Eric

    Sigh. Joy thinks she’s being funny… but you do not joke about how, if a gay person could not masturbate or have sex, that they would just put a gun to his or her head. She’s a decent enough ally, but… Use your head!

  • Philip

    Xtians amaze me. They actually think their beliefs mean something in relation to my life. Hardly. Not any more than I spend any time at all thinking about their belief in the “magic book of fables”.

  • Andrew

    @Philip: Not sure why you’re generalizing, but it’s quite obvious to me that Ms Chenoweth doesn’t apply her beliefs to anyone else’s life.

    I can understand the confusion, because there are certainly lots of people who think that their personal beliefs should rule others, but that is not what Jesus taught, and it is not what true Christians think.

    Faith is, and should only be, personal. I don’t believe my beliefs mean anything whatsoever in relation to Philip’s life, or anyone else’s. My beliefs might affect my perception of others, but they shouldn’t directly affect others. Ever.

    You might suppose that I believe in the “magic book of fables,” and I might suppose that you go through life with an utter lack of purpose, thinking life is meaningless and chaotic. I suspect we would both be wrong in those suppositions, meaning we both have something to learn about other beliefs instead of reactionary generalizing.

    Sorry to single out your comment, Philip, but I’m tired of being lumped in with Bible bashers because I identify as a Christian. As if all self-identifying Christians (read: gays, straights, blacks, whites, liberals, conservatives, urbanites, rural dwellers, etc) are the same.

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