Ball dropped

WATCH: Andy Cohen’s interview with Nicole Kidman was an awkward disaster

As Anderson Cooper and his new NYE cohost Andy Cohen stumbled their way into 2018, somewhere Kathy Griffin must have been sipping a non-alcoholic beverage and smiling. Or at least we hope she was, because the ball seemed to have been dropped long before the clock struck twelve.

Either way, reaction to Cooper and Cohen’s on-air presence can be summed up in one word: yawn.

But there were are few moments that unintentionally transcended the snooze-fest.

One was this nails-on-a-chalkboard exchanged between Andy Cohen, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban.

It has it all: A question about clapping that landed with a near-audible thud, some technical difficulties that resulted in confusing cross-chatter, and just to wrap things up, a post-game analysis between Cohen and Cooper discussing the shade cast by Kidman.

Happy new year!