WATCH: Bangladesh Activist Comes Out In Live Web Stream


Shawn Ahmed, the Bangladeshi-Canadian blogger behind the Uncultured Project, came out in a series of videos posted over the holiday break. While Ahmed hails from cosmopolitan Toronto, he’s spending most of his time in Bangladesh, which means his coming out could have implications for his safety and the future of the Uncultured Project.

Above, he shares his truth in a streaming video that was clearly difficult for him to record. Below, Ahmed discusses his religious parents’ reaction— which included a promise to help him “pray the gay away”—and reveals that part of the reason he disclosed his sexuality was to prevent his abusive ex-boyfriend from outing him.

May 2013 be brighter for Shawn Ahmed than the past year has been.



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  • Cam

    Brave guy, hopefully he is safe while in Bangldesh.

    If the abusive guy threatens him again, out the guy.

  • Gigi Gee

    What a great guy! I wish that YouTube had been around when I came out. I had no one to talk to after my parents disowned me. It was really hard. Didn’t talk to my mom for 22 years. She died last January but thankfully we were able to reconcile. Coming up on the anniversary of her death it saddens me to think of all the lost years. Hopefully Shawn’s parents will come to terms with his being gay and embrace their son.

  • Daniel-Reader

    One voice can change the future and make the world a better place.

  • darkorient


  • Bruce

    @Shawn, I empathize with the emotional and physical pain you endured at the hands of your “ex-boyfriend” and your “biological” family. Because as you say “Catholics and the Church are complex human beings,” I can only assume you would agree your biological family members, especially your “biological father” are “complex human beings” as well can and has rationalized and justified there actions as being in your best interest. And because as you say “change takes time,” perhaps your family will come around, at least your “biological father.”

    Your stance on the “pray the gay away” theory is commendable, and will send a message to gay teens that watch this video.

    What I’m most concerned about is your emotional and psychological well-being! To this end, have your participated in any type of what we call here in the States and I’m sure is available in Toronto, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE group counseling and/or individual therapy?

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