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  • Fodolodo

    This would be much funnier if it were an actual “ex-gay” preacher.

  • Chad

    HAHAHA Brick Stone is f*cking awesome. I have seen him on youtube treat the westboro baptist people the same way…its funny as h*ll.

  • Lindsey

    This is a joke right!? This is hilar

  • Lefty

    OMG Wilson Cruz!!! <3

  • Lefty

    Haha, that’s fucking great. Very funny. :D

  • iDavid

    Too funnie!!!

  • Spike

    This was meant to be funny, right? Can someone ref. a counter reference exactly when it is funny.

  • DouggSeven

    That was funny? I kept waiting to laugh after reading these comments above, but I never did. And yes, I am aware this is a prank, but it just wasn’t funny.

  • Lefty

    ^ Would you guys prefer a laugh track?
    I know seem people need them to differentiate. :(

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