WATCH: HRC’s Year-In-Review Video Will Get You All Keyed Up For 2013

It’s sure been a heck of year, hasn’t it? Let’s take a 12-month stroll down memory lane with the Human Rights Campaign, who highlight victories like Barack Obama‘s re-election, Tammy Baldwin electionto the Senate, marriage-equality victories in four states, and the general advancement of equality from coast to coast.

This past year also saw some major milestones in HRC’s equality-tracking metrics: An astounding 252 businesses received perfect scores in 2012’s Corporate Equality Index. And for the first time ever, HRC started rating cities with a new Municipality Equality Index.

You can read about lots more HRC initiatives, from exposing anti-gay leaders to promoting fair workplaces, over at their site.

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  • QJ201

    Look what WE did for YOU!


    After over a decade of behaving like Lobbyists (including several million dollars spent on their new headquarters), HRC realized that they had to mobilize the grassroots to get things done…and then they take the credit for what got done!

  • FStratford

    HRC spent money, finally. After decades of taking our donations and doing nothing – and often working against our interests.

    They should be apologizing and thanking organizations like GetEqual and people like Dan Choi for doing the real hard work.

    I suppose, at least, they came to help…. unlike the Stonewall Democrats who keep on asking for our money but dont do anything, and loudly wonder why they are getting less and less donations each year.

  • viveutvivas

    The advances we have had were pretty much despite the HRC; taking credit for it is little more than a disingenuous fundraising scheme.

  • jeff4justice

    I’ll pass on helping “nonprofits” that have 6-figure earning salary staffers.

    Also the worship of Obama who is GWB’s 3rd/4th term with his drone attacks, civil liberties crackdowns, and continuation of the needless wars and drug war is appalling.

    The murderer in chief is gay friendly. Big woop.

    We cry for persecuted LGBTs in places like Uganda but if Obama was bombing them too none of the LGBT mega groups would give a fuck.

  • viveutvivas

    Agreed, jeff4justice. Well said.

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