WATCH: Hunky Wrestler Hudson Taylor Makes Our Highlight Reel

We can never have too many straight allies in our corner. And when they come out fighting, even better. We’ve posted a lot about homophobia in the world of amateur and professional sports recently, so stories like this make us feel especially good. And hopeful that tides are quickly changing.

Straight ally and former collegiate wrestler Hudson Taylor is featured in the latest Buick Human Highlight Reel.  The video series features former NCAA student athletes who are doers, leaders and game-changers in their communities.

You may recall that Taylor was a three-time All-American at the University of Maryland when he attached an HRC sticker to his wrestling headgear, garnering national media attention and resulting in thousands of inspiring messages from across the country.

Currently an assistant wrestling coach at Columbia University, he founded Athlete Ally to challenge sports communities to fight homophobia and transphobia. He calls upon coaches, athletes, administrators, fans and parents who are eager to redefine what it means to be an athlete and a leader.

That’s what we call good sportsmanship.


Scott Wallis is the co-host of the Queerty/GayCities-sponsored Swish Edition comedy & interview talk show. He wears his singlet behind closed doors.

Images via Hudson Taylor

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  • HM

    Dear Hudson, we know you’re str8 and hope you find the girl of your dreams. But we hate her already, whoever she is. You’re a catch.

  • Michael

    Wonderful intelligent thoughtful adorable young man.Ty for being not only an Ally Hudson but also a friend.

  • RT

    Oh, my god.

    All man in all sense of the word. He’s really hot. But I don’t think that’s what making us salivate. It’s the big heart and big brain with the package.

  • rodca

    @HM. Take a deep breath #NOH8

    Athlete Ally Facebook 9/26

    We want to send our big congratulations to Hudson who married his longtime girlfriend over the weekend!

  • CBRad

    @rodca: Yes, congrats to him! Very cool guy.

  • fredo777

    He’s a big ally, all right. Wow.

  • HM

    Well, I didn’t mean evil, consuming Fred Phelps hate…more like jealous, envious, lets go drink and get tipsy and go through the pics on your cell phone cam ‘h8’. ;-)

  • CBRad

    @HM: We all understand, HM ! : )

  • Joe

    What an amazing guy. Reminds me of my friend from High School who was the Star Football player. I was the Band Geek. But we had grown up together and didn’t know a time in our lives where the other wasn’t there. I remember before I was even out to many people, I was out to him. His Dad would say homophobic things around the house, I would stay silent, but he would speak up for me…without actually outing me. I was always so amazed that he was willing and able to stand up for me and other LGBT folks. I think it made a lasting impact on our school too because he was someone that so many looked up to.

    Hudson, you’re doing an amazing job, please keep doing it. We will never have enough people like you in the world.

  • drums

    It’ll be interesting to see the changes in professional sport culture in the next few years/decades. College sport, and college kids in general, are comparatively more liberal and inclusive than the conservative old guard. As these kids enter the pro sports world, will they be bringing their values with them and slowly change the norms? Or will the business be too highly profit-driven and controlled by the advertisers and sponsors who remain intolerant on issues of diversity?

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