WATCH: Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Duet With The Crazy Wizard Who Glitter-bombed Randall Terry

A month ago, the GOP hosted a “lesser-known” candidates debate, where nutjobs like Vermin Supreme and Terry Randall showed up to stump for their pointless platforms. Vermin, after advocating for “free ponies for all” and “afterlife orbs,” glitter-bombed Terry Randall, saying, “God told me to turn Terry Randall gay.”

Now, that already hilarious episode has been further hilarified by Songify the News’ autotuning skills. What really makes the video: Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s accompaniment.

“He’s turning, turning, turning, turning gay,” Vermin Supreme’s autotuned voice croons. “And all the ungay is melting away,” Gordon-Levitt adds.